SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


Why isn’t R. Mika better than Urien? Serious.


Because Mika cannot do anything outside of point blank range and she is all mixups. She can Her defense is also pretty weak. She’s just a better Laura more or less.

Urien is better at old man SF and he can still bully his way in against certain characters. Aegis also lets him round steal.

Mika can round steal at any time, but its pretty much the only thing she is good at. Don’t get me wrong she is good but just the nature of the character being all mixups makes me feel like she isn’t stable/reliable enough for a top 5 spot.

Like I said though I’m not saying he is top 5, more that Mika is too high. I feel like to be in the top 5 that character has to be able to do work without a sub and afaik with her that isn’t the case. However you guys would know more about that than me. But looking at the 4 characters above her, you can see that they are all extremely well rounded with good VT’s the close out games. I feel like that isn’t true for Mika.


Claw and Laura better than Juri…smh


Mika is not all mixups you’re dead fucking wrong lmfao


Relax is hyperbole.

Also I think Vega is too high but I know anything I say about him will be assumed to be downplay so I won’t get into him.


Dropkick, stmk, crlk, decent walk and fast dash, stmp

Her midrange is great she has insane neutral options

Vega buffs seem really good for him I don’t want to put him bottom tier just because of Vega being bad becoming a meme, lots of solid stuff that helped him a ton.


Only people that never play Juri say she’s good.


I don’t like the meter system in Dead or Alive 6. :frowning:


If Fuudo can use Mika she probably has some good fundamental tools. They lead to set play, but it starts with good buttons. The way he whiff punishes Sim limbs with Mika’s c.MK is unreal.


Finna link that 17 page college paper than says Vega is bad.

Memes aside, Vega’s buffs did nothing to fix his actual problems.

  • EX.Roll doesn’t really change a lot of MU’s outside of Akuma. It makes punishing projectiles net more damage but its harder to punish them since it travels less far. Outside of that it’s mainly a damage dump in combos where he already got high damage. A good but not game changing buff.

  • Claw switch from any punch claw normal: definitely not a bad change but it’s really only meaningful on his c.hp since blocking is now a legit 50/50. The problem here is Vega’s offense is still not all that scary here unless he burns a stock. For his medium punch buttons is just a safer claw switch.

  • Clawless c.hp: this looks like a nerf on paper but its at best a berf. Capcom took away Vega’s only wrench and gave him a hammer. Vega lost his one good mid-CC and in exchange got the same c.hp in both stances. With this change he can’t build V-Gauge as reliably in neutral and from AA’s, but he got a decent oki tool. However at 9f start-up its only reliable in specific setups and the conversions and pressure from it are not great without a CH and/or meter. Again not a bad change, but Vega ate a nerf to his V-Gauge build and neutral for a situational oki tool.

  • +2 after light roll: pretty much impossible to argue this change is bad. I will point out that according to Capcom rolls are supposed to give him some kind of offense, but in clawless he is too far to continue real pressure. You can mash out of his “offense” since Vega can’t confirm into anything due to range. Unless he raw cancels into another roll the worst that happens is that you get CH for 36 damage into nothing.

  • Last thing I think his s.mp got a 10dmg buff. He got a pushback nerf on VS but that shit is already situational at best so Vega basically got all buffs. The problem is that he didn’t really get noticeably better in any if his deficient areas.

  • The biggest problem, and dare I say the only buff he absolutely needs, is his weak VTs. VT1 gives him a one-time ranged conversion or guarnteed high damage AA if the opponent is stupid enough to jump at him from far away. However outside of specific corner juggles though you also need to burn a meter to get real damage from it. The VT scaling nerf from a couple patches ago killed it VT when it was pretty mediocre to begin with.

  • VT2 gives him a cute counter or another high damage punish tool. It can be a conversion tool but the range on the kicks is poor. So here we have a VT that requires the opponent to fuck up for its utility to be relevant or a big damage combo tool, the latter of which Vega doesn’t really need since max damage punishes is already an area he is very good in.

  • This combined with his bottom tier defense means his ability to close out rounds is poor, since the opponents VT pop usually will force him onto defense.

I could go into more detail but this post is already long.

TLDR: Vega is still a “good” character that is bad at SFV.


Don’t worry, S4 changes made Rugalitarian drop the game so you got someone backing you up. Evil Canadian been gone. Only CPT Vegas putting up with the chicken sandwiches Capcom keeps giving him.

I think Reiketsu stopped playing as well. Haven’t seen a vid of him in a while and he was the Asian Claw of IV and early V (that wasn’t Nemo but I think Nemo only liked that he had some cheap shit). Reiketsu was true Claw main that cosplayed and everything.


What ever happened to that Zeus guy from SF4?

I mean, I haven’t played much Vega is S4 so far myself. The main reason I been tooling around with other characters is that playing just him gets frustrating. Like Chun is my permanent sub character, and while my Vega is much better I still like the variety of having access to other tools like a reversal or a real VT.


Zeus only played SFV for like half a season. Didn’t like the new Vega and didn’t like the way the game played. He basically just continued entering Ultra at whatever tournaments it was at.

Vega this long in with no invincible super or some other type of v reversal is lame. You know it’s bad when Rugalitarian was one of the only people backing up Vega’s strength and he jumped ship lol. 4.5 might save him


Frosty - are you ok. I saw your list.

Post again if you are being held hostage.


Only character mains that downplay harder than birdie are the Juri ones.

Anyone that can honestly say Claw and Laura are better than Juri is on drugs.


Having an invincible CA would be a gargantuan buff. Like i been playing Nash the last two days and his defense is similarly shit. But as soon as you have full stocks people have to respect you.

Just the fact that people will give you room to breathe just from the threat of a reversal is game changing on defense.

The funny thing about Vega’s defense is that blocking is often his only option, but even if you do that too much you can lose claw stance and get fucked. Like lol what?


Nash players love sitting on the full stock. Shit drives me nuts.


No one can best the season 2 downplaying in the gief thread


Do you want to play some sets, Jin? Darklight and I have a lounge going if you do.


Oh I saw the invite. I’m chilling right now but if I feel down I’ll enter.