SFV Lounge: Menat BUFFED, F2P SFV coming, CCCC COMBO BREAKERS coming


So adjusting to guiles charge time is harder than I thought it’d be. So used to Balrog charging, guile feels like it takes forever.


I just got home, anyone doing a Lounge?


Beek is doing a lounge. If he has room and willing could get you in.


A lot of times its not even intentional. Other than EX Scythe for the “STOP JUMPING” tech what does he really need his meter for?

EX.TA for the 40 health gain? Lol


Forgot he doesn’t got much to spend meter on. Fucker gots mind games without even trying.


You can join the one Beek and I are in. I’ll give you the PW on discord.


Okay just send it to me.


Okay uh, which lounge are you guys?


Smugs G is cleaaaan


Doesn’t it have my tag on there?


I’ve been trolling through his YT to get as much G match footage in as I can. Twitch acting aside he shows off a lot of really cool shit with the character.


Why is Sagat so low? I rarely encounter him to know what weaknesses he has

I would probably only move G a tier but that is about it, he aint anything that special… poor Juri is still shit lol stay down the bottom


Frost is mad that Highland put hands on him.


Oh that’s right, Chun destroys Ed 7-3, almost forgot it’s been a while since I played a good Chun.


Heard Dead or alive beta was dead lol


I don’t think Vega is very good, but that 17 page PDF floating around definitely ain’t it. Full of odd rants about how Vega is bad at neutral because he “has hurtboxes to contest” and a ton of odd tool comparisons, like saying Vega’s c.mp in Claw is bad because Birdie’s s.mp is better than it, and a big rant about Kolin VT2 as if it has anything to do with Vega. It’s basically this tweet ad nauseum:


I don’t like meter systems in 3d fighters at all. I preferred how older 3d fighters were where at best you would gain powerups to your tools or Shun could get like drink stocks, but that’s about it. Giving 3d fighters meter system just blends them in too much with 2d fighters for me.

3d fighters give you enough specific things to manage that are different from 2d fighters and gives it enough of its own experience. When you add in meter management then it just blurs the line between a 2d fighter and 3d fighter unnecessarily. I feel when they added in meters for Soul Cali and DOA it was just like “well we’ve done enough of what we think we can do, so let’s just do this too”. Feels tacked on.


There’s a reason he left so soon

Lil Frost evolved and he didn’t want it


I love meter in all games

Meter is love

SC2 still the best doe


Not surprised when they announced it randomly out of the blue. I mean, if they announced it a couple weeks ago at least there’d be somewhat of a build up. I’m sure a lot of people don’t even know about it lol.