SFV Lounge: No News after the grass, 10K POWERRRRRRR


LOOOOOOOL I forgot 10K is the limit for threads. I set it for 10 and that’s what it issssssss

Last time in the SFV Lounge

Nuclear explosions have hit the last thread. It has left people in shambles. Attacking, maybe or maybe not asking for bans, shitting on games, talking about games that aren’t SFV and other things that only true heathens could create. Is there Two Crude Dudes to fix it all?

Can Ono and Blanka fix it all?

Can Qbert and Del fix it all?

Del knows about the FGC musk and funk.


SFV Lounge: Revealed DEEZ NUTZ! They don't reveal $H1T. Momochi plz wakeup super

As for the rules regarding the forum I will address it here and then the rest must go to PMs. Don’t bring it up after this in the thread or there will be warnings/bans for sure.

  1. Again Cipher or no one else is getting banned. If he were to get banned Yorkey and others should have gotten banned for having growing pains with SFV a long time ago.

  2. We are contacting mods to see what we can do about an ignore function. Nothing to guarantee as the beta version of Discourse we are using doesn’t come with a lot of features. If you get it you get it, if you don’t figure out who you want to talk to and scroll/PM for the rest.

  3. People come and go here. Other people know who they are that have come and left before. This is nothing new. People get triggered over shit.

  4. Ya’ll can go to SRK2 or Discord if you want. This is just here as again, I feel SRK1 is the reason SRK2 or Discord are also things so might as well keep it going.

  5. THIS IS A LOUNGE. Just like other GD threads the point is SFV is the focus, but not a HARD FOCUS. In other GD threads like the ones for Marvel 3 people would talk about whatever else. It’s not meant to be like a tier thread or story thread where only SFV must be talked about or else. It’s a very loose topic and that flexibility like a chat room is what keeps people coming here. Which is obvious.

There will be no separating of what to talk about here for the forseeable future unless people completely stop talking about SFV. Part of that issue is NO NEWS LOL. No news has always made people trip here and can’t expect anything less from the longest of no news.

THAT’S IT. YOU’VE READ IT. From here people that can handle that keep posting. Those that can’t, there’s other places for you to go.



I’ve formed my first E-Sports team called Savage. I’m pleased to announce our first sponsored player SAVAGE|Vhozite :wink:




I haven’t even pinned the topic yet and you guys already here.



Can we ban @Vhozite though?



The Savage Ruthless Klan


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Can we talk about Frost being a mod? Also the story thread has real life posters who like sfv who I’ve never seen before…

But real talk let me mod the Vega subsection. My birthday is in September :grin:

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I was going to tag some people, but it’s SRK. If ya’ll wanna post you know there’s a way to find it. I’ll still link in old thread.

@Frost Talk to your father



I’m a community support officer



Yeah can i be a jr one of those?



Only if you beat me to death and claim my position



Sorry i abhor violence.



Unavoidable when you main Ibuki

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But i main Vega…Ibuki is for when I want to win without being better. Keep up with my lore!



Actually, he mains Vega.

So be nice to him, he doesn’t have much in his corner.

Actually, just ban him.



The funny thing is if we had Stalinesque mods that after Cipher id probably be the very first to eat a ban lol



Is it because you play cheap characters that don’t play honestly like Ibuki?



Nah people are just jealous of my youth and want to see me fall :raised_hands:t4:

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