SFV Lounge: No News after the grass, 10K POWERRRRRRR

Yeah I might as well do the bet now because if it’s a new character I win the bet in a day.

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What kind of numbers are characters getting on practical ex dp punishes these days? I just got around to running some numbers in the training again yesterday and noticed I had been leaving 46 points on the table in some situations.

Shao Kahn is boss though, but NRS better bring this back or Boon failed.

Speaking of those, I found out that my TV adds like, 50ms of input lag.

If I can already one-hit confirm in those conditions, I wonder what’s gonna happen when I get a real monitor…

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You’ll get to master.

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Speaking of Bison, i came across a sf5 beta version where his psycho axe was normal (-2 ob which meant he lost turn regardless) and he had a 18 frame non invincible dash.

And ken’s run was faster. Birdie’s Dolphin dive was slower, ryu’s m tatsu hit crouchers, too. Shit, Ryu had a bunch of nerfs each version, his design was op back then.

So he makes it to master before Highland learns what a Neutralgame is?

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Attacking the deceased is weak. Come at me bro. I want to talk to you. :slight_smile:


Thanos and Bison too


Welp, we’re going to be 3,000 posts in by tomorrow one way or the other.

The Road to 10K

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Love doesn’t affect enemy @Cipher.

@NCK_Feroce You think it’s going to be Honda or Makoto?

It’s going to be Vivian Nishiki, that’s who!!

I know what love is, it’s the thing that makes you explode.

Here is how I use love

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What is worse Fang VT1 that gives an irrelevant poison thing or Falke VT2 that has no VTC or Juri VT2 that doesnt function properly

Just keep on quoting him. Show him just how much we love him.

@Cipher :heart:

There’s no way Capcom is dumb enough to reveal something non SFV related after all the backlash…but then again these are the people who nerf low tiers and buff high-top tiers🙄

You’ll be Grandmaster before this topic hits 10k.


Community : 3 years of feedback

Capcom : “Basically she can be played the same as before”


The dream is dead.