SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


Capcom announced an arcade version of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition at the Japan Premier Top 8 of Capcom Pro Tour 2018.

The arcade version will be based on the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game and include all currently available characters. The control panel of the arcade cabinet will feature a USB terminal that players will be able to connect a pad or their own controller.

A location test for the arcade version will run from October 5 to 7 at the following locations:

* Taito Station Shinjuku Minamiguchi Game World in Tokyo
* Plaza Capcom Kichijoji in Tokyo
* Nagoya Leisurelan Sasashima in Nagoya
* Sega Namba Avion in Osaka
* Round One Fukuoka Tenjin in Fukuoka

A final release date was not announced. (set for release in 2019)

Better start running


Tokido c.HP’s (1 in corner) Naooonn c.HP’s (0)
EDIT: Looks like there were a few small others from Tokido, but they whiffed and basically had no real bearing on the match.

c.HP’s stats (over 16 min footage)
1st match = (3) 2 whiffed,1 blocked
2nd match = (1) 1 whiffed
3rd match = (4) 1 blocked, 1 CC hit, 1 combo hit, 1 meaty cover
4th match = (2) 1 CC hit, 1 whiffed,
5th match = (3) 2 neutral hit, 1 blocked
6th match = (1) 1 whiff punish on command grab

buttons pressed way more = like every other button/fireball

Rough count 14 total. Defeated Fuudo around average of less than 1 c.HP a minute.

Now you see why he runs

SRK Sango Guardian Tournament Results

1st Place - Lord William (Xiahou Yuan)
2nd Place - Itzpookie (Xia Hou Dun)
3rd Place - Twinblades (Huang Zhong)

SFV lounge: London we have a Problem X. SFV gave us the Burger King again


Looks like I will soon no longer be a gold scrub at SFV. I will be back to being a rookie scrub.
I caved in and bought a PS4 to practise SFV on the official tournament setting and will have to start a new CFN. :frowning:

Also because there is no word of when SamSho will be coming to steam, so…

Goodbye hard worked lowly gold rank! Hopefully it won’t take too long to recover it.

PS. Akuma’s c. HP isn’t as scary as people make it sound.


If it’s like SNK normally does it’ll be Sony Ponies only for at least 6 months. Least you’ll be ranking up legit now instead having your rank padded by the 25 years Gief experience. If you’re planning to play mostly Falke any way.

Akuma c.HP needs should be plus 4 on block. If c.MP is already plus 3 on block it needs something else to stand out.


Better title would have been “Trife still about them feet” :wink:


First page!


You put in the effort. You made it.


Gief isn’t in SFV anymore, so I will be just Falking people up at the lower ranks and making them call me a smurf, even though I am just slightly better than them! :stuck_out_tongue:



So, Vergeben was right about female Skullomania. Does that mean there’s still hope for MVCI update?


That female Skullomania is some funny shit.

Also woo hoo new thread


It is sad to see Skullomania wasted in such “game”. :frowning:
Put him in SamSho, cowards!


There isn’t hope, there’s only true believing.


Marvel updates are dead fam. It’s unfortunate but it is what it is.


My my, we are.


I am but this might be Jin’s best OP


That stun combo Tokido used wow. Every blue moon sfv shocks me combo wise.


Akuma’s crHP kills footsies and only evil people use it, change my mind.


Menat’s st hp. There.



Season 2 was the best season, prove me wrong.