SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


Hmmm, I forgot about that. I really only want Gloria, but I might just get the whole thing.


Arranging Tekken tournaments in Oslo.

And drinking beer in Tromsø (there are northern lights here <3).

Oh, and Stardew Valley. That game is dope.


Yeah, it is quite unfortunate that they aren’t selling the costumes separately.
And that you have to pick the pieces in order even for returning costumes.
For the PS4, I just bought the whole package because I didn’t want to wait 4 weeks to have Arthur Ryu there.


Another big long Akuma vs Falke match. This guy uses VT2 pretty often.


Give you any ideas? NobitaNian seems pretty adept with VT2.


I guess you mean he is adept at doing v-reversals, because Falke ain’t got a VT2 and he didn’t use it there either.


Not really. It’s a terrible V Trigger, he’s just good enough with using Falke to make it work. The trigger only actually came into play during one round of the entire 10 minute set.

Falke neutrally beats Akuma so she can do pretty well with him even with effectively not having a trigger most of the match. He got one crouch jab stand shot confirm into it, but that’s about it and that’s for a character who can’t build trigger reliably enough for a 3 bar trigger. She doesn’t have any EX moves that are plus on block to force her turn so optimally you have to have a 2 bar trigger to force momentum better.

He honestly would have had a better chance of winning the set with VT1 as VT1 gives her some really good tools vs Akuma.


How to not play Falke vs Cammy. :frowning:


Feels very much like Falke is a secondary character for him. Doesn’t use any of her light buttons and you have to use those to gain frame advantage and keep Cammy out once she gets inside of your s.HP range. No df+HK during pressure or oki. He was using a lot of c.MP also which is generally a useless button vs any character with walk speed. Land it, you do 20 points of damage. Get it counter poked or whiff punished and you about to die.

He also did some strange things after oki like shoot an air fireball. He seemed overly afraid to use EX PP also and you’ll just let the Cammy player run free on you if you don’t threaten that at least sometimes.


He was a F.A.N.G main, but has been playing Falke exclusively since May, it seems.
It was a very weird showing for him there. He also did a lot of stupid things against Brolynho’s Necalli like throwing ex PP on neutral outside of range.
And throwing ex Kapult on neutral or after st mp.

He hit master rank with F.A.N.G and played maybe 6 ranked matches with Falke. Everything else is on battle lounge.


That’s why I take any character I play in ranked. My PSN profile I play ranked with Ibuki and PC play ranked with Falke. Keeps you in better practice with all of your matchups. Battle lounge people tend to sandbag and experiment a lot. You generally end up just grinding long sets with just one character instead of getting a feel for a lot of different players and matchups which is more important for a tournament.

There’s quite a few “fake” Falke mains that show up under rankings that obviously don’t main her in serious ranked matches. They main another character and just occasionally play her and have that ranking.


Yeah, I do the same.
I will likely swap one of my accounts back to Gief in the future, but I have been playing only Falke on ranked and online tournaments as of late so I can practise all kinds of MU with her and improve my game.


But well, I have eyes set on that spot.
Right now I am the 32nd and 35th Falke in Brazil, and Monday I start coaching with Keoma to try to improve my game further.
It is a long road, but I think it is doable to get to there in 6 or so months with proper dedication.


Shall we take up an arcade stick collection for you? If you are stepping up your training, you are going to need them :wink:


Returning costumes keep the same one-gem-per-week structure. The only advantage is that you keep any gems you obtained during the original run. (So if you only missed Week 2 on the first run, then you only need to complete Week 2 on the second run.)

The Gloria, Arthur, and Astaroth costumes started with Week 1 last month.

Always remember to look at the number in the square brace behind the mission title, that show’s you which week is active.


I’m not trying to deny that VT1 wasn’t a better choice, but…

V-Trigger was used in two rounds, to finish the first and third rounds of the first set. It might have been seen in more rounds, except Falke would instantly burn the entire gauge on back-to-back V-Reversals when Akuma got his activation first.


He had to since there’s no real safe on block activation for VT2. You either chance that you swing a random confirm and hit Akuma, or if you know that won’t work then you have to let him get in and burn V Reversals. V Reversals that once burned kill your chances of having any fire to fight fire vs Akuma. With VT1 you can swing random buttons and as long as Akuma even blocks them you got your activation ready to go with a free frame trap or throw depending on range of activation.

Any round he ended with VT2 he could have ended faster with VT1 so the couple hit confirmed activations are pretty moot also.


I’m just surprised that Haitani got hit with the Trigger 2 overhead. From my experience people start blocking that at Platinum.

But I get matched up with enough Golds to warrant the Trigger 2 pick.


Oh please.
They are sending me one with an aluminium base Monday or Tuesday.
What are the odds that I would end up splitting aluminium in several pieces in the next few months?
Absolutely none!


With muscle spirit you have the strength to split admantium