SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


Gg willll. I hate this reply system holy shit


GGs. You tryna main Blanka now or just messin’ around with other characters?

Since I noticed you didn’t stick with Abigail for long even after you beat me down with him

I appreciate those matches though, I’m still not sure the best way to approach the Abi match-up without Ed’s easier counters to his shenanigans

But Ken doesn’t have a command grab so it’s fair


Probably not so much the 50/50, its how you can “win” neutral and get there. V trig, yolo ex moves, ect


Seems kinda ironic though since ken has a 15 frame dash and a combo that sends you to the corner in one hit.


I am a Blanka main


Who have the longest cr.MK then ?


Skull girls on PS4 is 70% in the PS Store if anyone’s interested. I’ve been meaning to grab a copy for a while, might as well now.


Some men are bigger than others.


Can ken make his vtrigger1 safe after any normal/special? Seems like the dash he does makes it easy for anyone to punish it. Like ryu can sweep cancel into vtrigger on block and still safe, so can akuma, and I guess many more, ken on the other hand seems like a free hit on him if he tries that.


Nope, the activation will always result in a Shinryuken so if you don’t hit confirm it then you’re definitely getting punished. That VT definitely is there to serve a few specific purposes and doesn’t seem like it should be used outside of them.


He’s talking about his V1 I think, in which case only the shoryuken is punishable I think. Normal and FB are safe.


Oops, I automatically assumed it was VT2 because he was talking about how to activate safely.


I mained skullgirls for 3-4 years went to evo for it, did well and was one of the beat players in my area/country for awhile, you got any questions about it dont be too afraid to ask.


He also complained about Laura’s corner pressure a while ago.

Mained Ken that day too.


Nothing better than defeating a teabagging Akuma during a rematch then send his ass in the land of blacklist.


Tekken World Tour 2018 Finals Last Quance Qualifiert started

Tomorrow is then the Finals


Thanks Dime! Will do.


I wanna see a world where CCs and dashes are less prevalent and Bonchan Sagat is in every top 8 throwing plasma and st.hk’ing a Cammy for 40%

Ono don’t let me down kiddo


All you said already happened in SF4 without CC’s and wasn’t exactly the beautiful world many described.


Is there something about playing super early that brings the weirdos out got beat by a Cammy multiple times that felt the need to message me and tell me how much I suck then a Ken who refused to do anything but hide and tea bag constantly