SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


ahh I always knew juri was a shoto




Funnily enough that actually isn’t too far off now XD

Though, I’d say her fireball is a little too unorthodox to give her that label outright


So close, yet so far away :frowning:


Gawaiin can hop over projectiles.

It’s theoretical there, but knowing how different projectiles work and are in BB, I’m not surprised they don’t give out much projectile invincibility outside of Supers.


World warrior ryu and ken not shotos.

No attack that goes through fireballs till champ edition.

Lmfao this discussion again. Next up, is 3s the best game ever or trash with parries? Tune in next week kiddos!


“Shotos” are just a social construct.


he is meant to bring back mr ross in sf6, no place for him in 5…


In SFV, Guile is a shoto with 2 tatsus


Cammy is a shoto


Priority system isn’t going anywhere. Other games have had priority systems and dealt with it and theres too many things within V that work around it. People are just mad at the damage CCs do but it’s up in the air whether they’ll fix that.


Yeah I don’t get it I understand people raging and sending hate mail because they lost I guess. But sending shit when you win is wild af lol. I tried to get him to battle lounge with me bc I ain’t even gonna lie I was heated. Like damn dude you are in the gold ranks just like me, dude was acting like he just won Evo. If I run into him again and win I’m blowing his shit up with messages lol.


Funny thing is, the shotos don’t even really play like shotos anymore lol


Because probably they’re sociopaths, e-thugs online with zero will to show up at tournaments. Why risk to get your stick smashed on your face because of your online behavior? Better staying at your mom basement and shit talking behind a screen. These people don’t deserve anything, especially our time.


How many OP crush counters that are long range and positive on block are out there? Boxer st.HK and Akuma cr.HP and that’s it. Maybe charged cc moves but that was a nerf in a very bad disguise. If you can’t do anything but hold back against the startup of a charged CC you deserve all the mixups.

Would be far better if people were more specific and say to do something about those two normals instead of saying “making all CCs so terrible that people hate them for getting in the way of their offenses”.

Hope S4 undoes both the CC scaling and the guard crush scaling.


No love for Honda, but he’s the only WW left at this point, so probably he’s coming next season.


My favourite online person is some dude I played in Smash WiiU when Ryu came out for that game. Decided to give the shoto a spin in online mode, obviously lose my first match and because the game or the platform didn’t have any messaging services, my opponent was clever enough to just quickly switch around his different names he used to play online which in turn spelled out ‘you’, ‘suck’, ‘noob’ and ‘lol’.

I hope he’s been burning in hell since that day.


doesn’t shoto stands for that kind of character that beginners can pick up to learn the game’s fundamentals?


It’s how Capcom implemented them the real problem, especially the reward for clipping fools with them. To make them work 80% of the cast has stubby normals and people feel almost forced to use CCs 24/7. They don’t have to be just +oB to be annoying to deal with (Rashid cr.hp or Ibuki f.hk i.e.), it’s how are hard to punish still many of them and with little reward most of the time. Capcom is working on them since day one, so no need to bother until we saw what’s changed for S4.


How tragic! We punished Honda enough! Bring him back now!!!