SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


There’s nothing theoretical that makes a necessity for mids or normals in general to be stubby for CCs to work fine.

I’m 100 % on board with the philosophy of crush counters: Heavies are naturally disadvantaged by being slower so getting a read on an opponent spamming a safer mid must come with a bigger reward instead of leading back to square 1 footsies where heavies are again disadvantaged. Also having nice grounded damage for punishing blocked reversals.

I guess the main point of contention is that the stubbier normals can turn CCs from being just another tool in the arsenal to being the main and only strategy of the game. The right solution would be to add lingering hurtboxes on the CCs’ recovery frames and ensuring consistent confirms at full range from the mids. But that’s the point: the CC mechanic is fine, what needs fixing is a minority of the CC normals and many others that would be the counter strategy.

On another topic, the Akuma vs Eliza match in the Tekken 7 stream was awesome: that could have been TekkenXStreetFighter and that’s very sad.


shotos are called shotos because they’re all derived from shotokan karate you dumb motherfuckers

e.g Ryu

e.g Not an anime loli


not true


Perhaps at first, but words are fluid and change over time. Shoto has come to mean any character with a fireball and DP-like move, Horizontal forward-moving kick-based special would be the third requirement.

For example,


Fireball - Check
DP - Check
Horizontal forward-moving kick-based special - Check

Sagat is a shoto.


it’s funny because Sagat’s uppercut is also derived from the actual shotos, who are derived from shotokan.

He lost to Ryu and decided to learn how to perform a shoryuken - like the shotos do.


This is true, which is why there are some of us who are proponents of Sagat losing his DP (and getting his pupil back) in SF5/6 to signify him moving beyond the hate that drove him all those years.


lol at Sagat mains acting offended because their character whose plan is to do ↓↘→ projectile and →↓↘ AA the incoming jump in was called a shoto, are you really going to bring the aesthetics to the discussion? The story thread is right there.

No problem for choosing Sagat over Ryu or Akuma but stop the pretension please.


actually they practice the way of the assassins fist ansatsuken not shotokan karate hahaha what a maroon how embarrassing to not know such a simple thing even children know!!!


I said derived this is one of your lower levelled shitposts




Yea sagat plays closer to an OG shoto than Ryu or Ken. Those guy are close range brawlers with Dps and bad fireballs


Modern day Shoto is an archtype.

Traditional Fireball
Forward Moving Special

If this is there, yep he’s a shoto.

Ky gets called a Shoto since how long now?
Same goes for Jin
Es also gets often recommended to SF players, cause she’s considerd a Shoto
Hyde is a shoto
Akatsuki is a shoto
yadda yadda.

It’s an archtype, nothing else.
And yes Sagat fits this archtype 100%


I don’t even think the forward moving special is really all that included when people talk about the shoto style. It’s probably means something different for everyone at this point though.

Think it usually just means a strong midrange game that includes a traditional fireball/dp and a strong midrange poke. If Karin had a fireball I think she would be the closest to that style in sfv. But I do think sagat probably is the most shoto like character right now


C’mon guys, not this argument again.


Cammy is the closest thing SFV has to a “traditional” shoto.

Don’t @ me


Who needs a fireball, when you can be a fireball!


Or you know, the shoto that’s top 2.


Akuma isn’t a shoto, he’s a Demon.


Oh now I get it.

To be a shoto, you need to be a hobo.
Now I understand, it makes so much sense now!

Doesn’t this make Sagat even more of a shoto though?


Sagat bought a Tiger, pretty sure he’s still cashin’ out on those Shadoloo royalties