SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


He should upgrade his Tiger moves then.

Take a lesson from Kazumi and use the Tiger how it’s supposed to be used.


Oh shit I didn’t even think about akuma. Been away from the game to long lol. Yea akuma is definitely the shoto character. Walk speed with cr.mk and fireball/dp.


SRK posting about X-Kira on the frontpage now. We EH now.



Jeah…like 6 out of 8 articles on Eventhubs are about Xkira. I’m concerned


Is X-Kira a shoto though?


SRK has been giving front page news coverage to X-Kira claims for the last two years. A quick SRK search shows eight X-Kira SFV articles posted this year (and one Dragonball article). Sure, that is down rather far from SRK’s 2017 coverage of X-Kira, but it is still not an uncommon occurance.


We are all shotos when you think about it


So the best thing that came out of the Tekken 7 LCQ:

Savage AF.


I was watching that live was pretty funny.


I’m not good with numbers (I suck at math) so when I play any fighting game I have a hard time remembering frame data for basically anything that isn’t a what you see is what you get move.

Like I know Tatsu is minus on block but then there will be some set play character like Ibuki where I’m not really sure how minus a move or sequence is. This has led me to having issues dealing with commad throw characters because I can’t fucking remember for the life of me when they do or don’t get frame advantage off a KD. So I’m always scared I’m gonna get thrown to death and ironically die from some crush Counter meaty that catches people who wanna back dash or jump out of those types of situations.

And this goes for every fighting game. How the fuck do you guys remember the numbers behind everything especially when it’s a cast of like 30+ characters and everyone has crazy character specific shit? I’m just getting really frustrated because it feels like I need a galaxy brain to get outa super plastic.


You just gotta get a bigger brain


X-Kira Hubs or Dragonball Spoilerhubs


I somehow forgot how to Ryu after so much Sagat. Guess hes dead to me now unless Sagat somehow gets nerfed


Also i got AAed during a cross up by Guile B+HP as Sagat. The fucking straight shot duff. It hit behind his head.

And you guys think Sagat jump ins are fine. Ok.


Well when you jump at a neutral opponent it doesnt mean you’re gonna land


Boy did you see the jumping hurtboxes for the whole cast even?

I mean look at Guiles J.Hk, his Hitbox is at his Knee.


You’re right. When Sagat jumps it should turn into Sim vskill except its infinite until the opponent hits him


Sagats are a special brand of terrible


Yeah the air hurtboxes are funky in this game, but general rule of SF is if you’re jumping on someone who has freedom to move in neutral and don’t land, that’s gonna be your fault. Anyone who can move around can get an AA.


That does not mean the player should be able to press the wrong button or have failed inputs and still AA tho.