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Lmfao… so salty right now. Such a terribly designed game. Just played like 5 casual matches… everyone just does neutral bypass… zero actual neutral.

It feels so shit because one knows that if one played a game with actual neutral I’d be winning 90% of my games even if I’m using characters I don’t know shit about.


As a competitive player and as long as I’ve been competitive you always have to look at what will get you in trouble regardless. I don’t care if bhp might accidentally AA me because in the end if im jumping at a guile that has recovered from a boom bad things should be happening regardless. Jumping at a Guile that has finished recovery from a boom guarantees nothing and the reward he gets even if he lands a janky bhp is so low that it’s really not a huge deal. Pretty much lucky if that’s all you get AAd by.

I was watching Bonchan vs another Guile and he never went for cross ups on Guile. The only jump ins he landed were frontal jumps when Guile whiffed a sweep. Which makes sense. Jump when your punish is guaranteed and get full reward rather than chance a cross up on a recovered Guile.

Nothing disingenuous. Just a matter of I don’t like when people purposely do things that are suboptimal in neutral and then complain when they get punished by something suboptimal. If youre making the first mistake…well a hit box issue doesn’t really make that anymore worth complaining about. If it’s avoidable then avoid it.

If an issue has something that can be fixed adequately with your decision making then as a competitive player you do that.


Speaking of. I know her normals are designed to be retarded so that is fine.

But why does Menat have an actual decent walkspeed ? Why does Menat have divekicks that can be plus and can be comboed after ? Why does Menat have a special cancelable cr.MK that is plus on block ?

Some of the design choices with that character are pure retarded. Even without the no.hurtbox thing.


Check out @amr_maadawy’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/amr_maadawy/status/1058559678853144578?s=09

This feels relevant, that shit is always gonna be there.


Her walk speed I say is fine considering she’s not quite mobile on the level of Rashid or Sim and doesn’t have an ex dp (and a very risky to use v reversal).

Her high low game is a bit busted for her archetype but S4 is coming


Things menat really doesn’t deserve:

Plus on block divekick, from ANYWHERE…
Mixup v trigger
Fireball reflect
Fast walkspeed


Falke and Menat have the same walk speed (Menat’s backwalk is .2 faster but basically the same) so that’s why I don’t bother about Menat’s walk speed much. Not sure they can fairly keep Falke at her walkspeed if they nerf Menat’s down. Falke is neutrally and pressure wise more honest, but she can similarly outrange the hell out of some characters while still having a DP option if they get close. Feels like a scenario where with some buffs people will just be attacking Falke over her “fast walkspeed” also. Falke can stall in the air with air fireballs and dives so a cheap version of her would be pretty hard to hit in neutral with her walk speed.

Menat would get blown up by the best fireballs if she didn’t have reflect, but her current reflect properties probably are a bit too cheap. Like Chun Li will never get a relevant fireball out vs Menat and it just makes Ryu work even harder than he needs to in that match in its current state.


Her reflect could be an absorb that gives her no meter but some frame advantage if it absorbs something. That or make the projectile invincibility on it startup slower.

Absorbs in general are really shitty design for anti fireball moves. I’d like something that forces more neutral not something that just gets rid of it.


Menat is weird, like an experiment.

What would happen if Dhalsim had Tiger destruction…

Well now we know. Thanks Capcom.


Aaaaand we got sagats out here complainin…



So whoever comes up with the best thread title I will make a new thread with that title. Start going now.

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Why can’t both things get fixed? It isn’t one or the other


Because it applies to everyone in many different and separate situations… and because balance.


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The hurt boxes aren’t like that because of balance.

You are basically making bad players AA better.


Can we please get the story thread repinned. Everyone should be exposed to Capcom literature.


Oh they certainly are like that because of balance. The games hurtboxes are purposely terrible. This has been an sf5 design since the beta. It’s hyper deliberate.

You know what else? They also balance via jump attack hitstun. Some jump attacks have ridiculous hitstun (urien j.hp, urien crossup j.lk) whereas others (old zeku j.mk) have like no hitstun.

Other times they balance with low blockstun and high hitstun or vice versa… I’ve been telling people this isn’t streetfighter… for years now. One day people might actually learn. This is a game designed by a guilty gear player to be scrub friendly and force move rotation styles of play while forcing clutch reactions. There are various balancing efforts all over the place. Hit and hurtboxes are just one of many.


I mean as an example… old zekus jump attacks are nearly as bad as sagats, but you’ve never heard me complain about them because… it’s old zeku. He shouldn’t be fucking jumping in the first place. He’s a zoner, and a terrible one at that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I really do wish this game was Street Fighter though. I miss Street Fighter.


I thought the trade off to her "lack " of top tier mobility IS not having hurtboxes.

You say she have the same speed as Falke but Falke have hurtboxes. You can whiff punish Falke or counter poke her, can’t do the same with Menat.

A character that have no hurtboxes on half screen pokes doesn’t deserve to have average mobility imo


There’s no worse feeling in a game than “you didn’t mean to do that, but it worked in your favour anyway” .

That’s what crappy hurt boxes do.