SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


What is SF?


Yep. But it gets deeper than that as well. Like… should it really be that hard to AA someone where you are thinking about multiple different jump attack angles and spacings and what button for which spacing and which spacing for what button and oh shit, I’m in this spacing for fireball range but oh shit now I’m in that spacing for jump attacks…

I mean sf has always had a bit of that going on, but it never seemed deliberate. In sf5 however it’s quite obvious that certain AA’s are designed to AA from up close or crossup and fewer are designed to just AA everything. I used to pick characters loosely based on how easy it was to AA with them. Who wants to write out a doctoral thesis everytime some asshole decides he wants to jump at you. Ain’t nobody got time for that… but this is sf5.


Not SFV.


TWT Finals Start now with the Group Phase


Sakura has one of if not the the worst cr mk in the game. It has less range than S2 Ryu Cr mk.


Wrong answer.


So if Capcom sticks to their plans and suports the game until 2020 we have S4 and S5 to go.

Should we expect SF6 to come at the same time with the new generation of consoles and pc ?

Will the franchise take a break or was the season pass / costumes / stages DLC model successful enough for them to justify SF6 right after 5 ?


I think they didn’t want her buffering cr.mk into DP/specials

…like Cammy?


Doing a dp is risky though without confirming it. And Ken has a better Cr mk and can combo into his dp. I think it’s simply how the char is designed where st lk is her most important button and is used to confirm from most normals. I also think that Cr mk into l tatsu was considered too strong if Cr mk had more range. The problem is though the char does not get Oki from m dp if you use at lk. And it’s one of the biggest reason why sakura is so weak



SF6 teaser in Dec 2020 after Season 5 Capcom Cup Grand Finals.
Season 6 rebalance with no new characters.
4K version with all DLC costumes and stages announced for PS5 for $40.

Switch version announced. Runs at 240p and sub 30 fps undocked. Nintendo fanboys go crazy and gets excited about SF5. First time they heard of characters like Chunli/Akuma.


Character reveals for SF6 throughout 2021

Evo Japan - Beta version of SF6 tournament.
Daigo vs Ninja FT5 exhibition for SF6

Feb 2022 - SF6 releases.
16’ers like Twinblades hates the game and preaches to '22ers about how great SF was back in the day.

I’m better than X-Kira.


Sounds plausible but you forgot to say about their new custom combo system that will let players express themselves like never before.

Ease of execution but retaining the depth that made the franchise so loved.

Best played on


The first thing I read in the morning is 3 guys arguring that the jump-in hurtboxes in this game are huge.

3 years to late if you ask me, I mean it was like this since the Betas and it’s not going to change.
Jump-in Hitboxes are hidden behind a wall of hurtbox in this game.
Unless your name is Menat, then you can send a Hitbox out because egyptian waifu.


Sometimes looks like Capcom puts glaring issues on characters in order to keep them from being too strong and deliberately forgotten to do the same with others. Zeku is clearly an experiment with nothing OP on purpose, additional recovery on some fierce buttons and hilarious hitboxes. He’s not the only one, all the characters in the worst side of the tier list are like that.

Amen to that.


Pretty sure Nintendo fans knew of these characters before.


Best game on best console. Ever.


CCs are all calculated btw


As for a shoto thing agree, it’s all the game plan and execution of the commands. So Sagat is more shoto for me than Dan or Gouken is.

The main difference is that every popular leaker in EH is tag with “credible” line. Lol


Only two characters have different hitstun/blockstun on their jump-ins, Dime. They’re Abigail and Zangief.

Zeku’s jmk has the same hit/blockstun as literally every single other jmk in the game. Likewise, Urien’s jlk has the same exact hit/blockstun as every single other jlk in the game, and his jhp the same as every other jumping heavy.

For hitstun/blockstun, outside of those two characters mentioned earlier, every light jump has 13/10, every medium 16/13, and every heavy 19/16.

Check your facts before posting please


So I just had a dream Dee Jay was revealed as a guest character for Mortal Kombat XI.

I be having the weirdest dreams.



You’re like the expert on this stuff, can you explain why sakura’s j. Mk whiffs so often on crossup?