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How high moves hit based on their hitboxes affects affective hit and blockstun. I don’t need to check what is common sense. Urien j.lk hits super low compared to something like ryu jlk. Urien can combo into cr.fp easily. I’m not going to go into the specifics of WHY a thing is the way it is. Capcom knows what they are doing and programs moves accordingly, they aren’t perfect but they aren’t throwing darts at the wall either.

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Looks can be deceiving I guess.

When it’s all said and done, All of the season 3 characters outside of blanka and G to me have things that capcom blatantly was like nah “Lets wait and see” or we’ll change that in season 4.

From falke and some things that combo and her charge shots to her and cody’s v trigger 1 and 2, to almost everything with sakura and a the same with sagat.

imo it’s clear that the season 3 characters are getting a significant buff (or should ) in season 4. Hopefully they release strong S4 characters out the gate.


Not only that, they had this over two decades ago

They got this over a decade and a half ago

These games along with every SNES, Genesis, and TG-16 version Street Fighter were on the Virtua Console for the original Wii and Wii U

This came out at Switch launch.

Oh and this came out earlier this year.


Yeah I just wanted to pick the very first Chun-Li appearance on a Nintendo system.

The SNES port of SFII is also probably the reason why the franchise got as big as it is nowadays. Otherwise it would probably have stayed a niche arcade experience for Japanese players and nothing more.


Capcom is lowkey smart, they re release these games on the all platforms almost every 2-5 years consistently

You got to remember every console cycle is essentially a new generation of fans. The classic’s of my day are the arcade and like KI and MK.

But the classic’s of my little sisters day or like Soul calibur 2 and marvel vs capcom 2 And that’s only with like a 4-5 year difference.


I know, I just wanted to back you up by showing that Nintendo fans have had Chun Li and Akuma since the SNES era and multiple times after. The original statement was stupid.


Too bad Capcom skip SF for Vita. They got something but never got a decent standalone version of SF4.

I hope they would go for switch an new SF4 with Violent Ken, Karin, Urien, Shadow Nash, Maki, Eagle, Mika and Sodom. Would that be great?

I remember also they plan to release an SF2 port for Ngage but it didn’t made through. That’s one of the reason I bought a QD but too bad probably it got cancelled. I wonder if that is the GBA version or an A3 since KOF port theirs from GBA too.


Okay, so it was just a semantics misunderstanding then. Sorry.

But even then, I don’t think they’re taking jump-in frame advantage into consideration or thinking about it nearly as deeply as you think they are. Not saying they’re throwing darts entirely when it comes to their design, but I believe Urien getting crhp and Ryu getting stmp off of a cross-up is coincidence, and only based on testing on a single character height.

And on the subject of that, there is something I noticed in regards to cross-ups, which…I’m not sure what their thought process is, it literally seems random here.

You know how you say it’s easy for Urien to go into crhp when he does his jlk? I wasn’t getting it consistently unless it was perfectly spaced, so I turned on the hitboxes:

Notice the box around his head? If you hit that part, Urien can’t get crhp. He can only get crhp if he clip the very tail end of the standing box that’s slightly lower. Where the head box is determines how easy it is to get a bit more hit advantage when you cross someone up. But what doesn’t make any sense is the boxes for when the character is turning around. Like Zeku here, he turns around and his box doesn’t change.

Meanwhile Rashid’s box expands outwards when he turns around

Mika’s only change is that the placement of her head box changes…

So on and so forth. Like I can get the idea of some characters being easier to get cross-up advantage on than others, but which ones are and which ones aren’t doesn’t seem thought through at all. Kinda like who gets a disjoint on their crlk and who doesn’t.

And then there’s Abigail who they just gave one big rectangle and ignored the idea entirely

Main point being, some areas and some designs seem thought through, others seem slapped together, and which one is which only Capcom knows.


The hitbox is too high up.

So you have to hit the attack later to get it to land in the same spot as other cross-ups, which gives the opponent more time to react and just walk under you.

Ken’s jmk as a comparison:


Fuck…Ken have the same exact animation as Batman’s J2. Lul


Saks jmk doesn’t exist we don’t talk about it



That’s good info. I never knew exactly why some moves did that, I just knew that they did… like jumping in oz jmk, lots of times I can’t even manage to co,bo into lights if my timing wasn’t good. Whereas with urien I can get lights and mediums easily off his jlk.

It’s like in tha sakura pic you posted. Sakura is actually going to have more hitstun off of that because the hitbox is higher. If the hitbox were lower, then even given the same exact button timing she would get less hitstun off that move because she would have to drop more before she lands.

Prototypical example I guess is something like fei longs jhk in sf4, or old zekus jhk. Both have the actual character closer to the ground before they hit so the hitstun even though it’s technically the same as everyone else’s, is actually way more… even given same button timings (instead of deliberately jumping in with a late attack to get max frame advantage)


What’s also weird is how they put together some cross-ups.

Like OZ you can easily link stmk after a cross-up jmk 'cause the back hitbox is moved way up, somewhat following how his leg is angled, which makes sense

Then for ones you think would be standard (IE ones like Sakura or Ken’s jmks) they do this

…also now just realized that Ed and Abigail have almost the same jmk


Well I dunno if having hurt boxes is enough on its own to guarantee any character deserves fast walk speed. Like Bison and Birdie have “hurtboxes” ut when are you going to regularly be able to hit them or whiff punish them any way? You can, but you gotta work hard to whiff punish them compared to say some of the regular buttons that Karin, Cammy or Akuma throw out. Birdie can throw trash on the ground so you get punished if you try and whiff punish him. His V Trigger also improves his walk speed to about Menat/Falke levels.

I see what you’re saying, but there are some characters that if Falke is played correctly they’re not really going to be touching her hurtboxes much regardless. Add in some buffs and it’s going to be similar crying of how far she can hit for her walk speed and air fireball lame out game. Her s.HP is about the longest button that can convert into full combos in the game so not sure if people would care for a high tier Falke with the walk speed she currently has.


Jesus christ those hitboxes are so bad


Don’t show em Cody’s jhk

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I didn’t even realize Sakura’s j.MK has a disjoint. That’s kinda cool. I only ever used her j.LK for cross ups and since Sakura is mainly about OD corner carry rather just stay in front and force them into the corner. J.HK pray they don’t anti air etc.

Abigail’s jump is so low that there’s no way you’re not taking a combo if his j.MK hits you.