SFV Lounge: Season 4 is almost upon us, hide your mains


fake news


only the strong survive



Red Bull Philadelpha is taking place right now.

I should’ve went :weary:


This explains Guile’s tier ranking perfectly.


If marvel does come back I’d like to see it have actual assists this time. I liked MVCI, but not having assists at the command of a button and having to input specials and tag was annoying when all you wanted was the free gobs of frame advantage that assists gave. I’d also like to see the tag mechanic come back. Assists and tag. Can’t tag when an assist is on screen and and can’t assist while tagging. Shit would be pretty hype imo.

Man, if they just design an entire roster around the mvc2 top tier they would have an amazing game. Don’t neuter characters… let them live!


DHC where fun too!!


It’s always around this time that next season anticipation makes me both want to play SFV and also not play it because the game will be potentially very different.


Yes but Capcom’s SF track record would have us believe that the worst is behind us and that the best is yet to come. Believe in Papa.


Fuck Marvel


Well if you insist.



You win. Perfect


Alright my children, its time to take your medicine and like it


your obsession with that dude is not healthy.


There is no better form of entertainment to me to see manchildren cry and rage


Classic SF


Rashids escape options. :blush:
Jum, wall hopand then eagle spike for good measure. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Death by Snu Snu coming soon


That’s why Laura is still in my top 10 waifu list.


What makes shimmy strong in this game? And why was it less prevalent in SFIV?