SFV Lounge: SRK Cross Tag Battle

I thought this was the SolCal6 thread?

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in that case

nah but seriously…cant find it at all. same goes for other fighting game threads.

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you got me…for a second.
i really am at a point where i think it would have been better he just close the forum and we moved to a other place. there is no kind of enthusiasm to actually make this place a decent forum by just adjusting simple things.why even bother about moving on and letting it alive when you actually dont care at all…strange situation and handling.

All jokes aside, is there seriously no Soul Calibur VI thread here? Also, I agree with your overall sentiment at this point. I like you guys though. So I still post here.

there was one but i cant find it anymore…same for some other smaller titles.
ed -found it trough the search

Hey Appo, I found it man.

yeah, same here.
got it via the search option.


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I dont think there’s any real discussion for BB Tag either. I’ll probably actually play that since it has assists and the characters can do more than 2 things and move in 2 directions. Aigis gives me Magnus function and Gordeau looks like he has some strong assists and strong on point.

Still waiting for Maxi…so yeah.

20 losses in a row. Well I guess it’s been a week so as good a time as any to drop Sakura again.


What’s your CFN? I’ll look at some of your matches and give some Tips and Tricks.

I know what I’m doing wrong, Sakura just doesn’t have the tools to bypass my weaknesses. That’s why Kolin was so good for me because you could react to all the hard-to-react stuff with two buttons. And mash counter during blockstrings which isn’t nearly as easy to punish as EX DP.

For reacting to stuff like Rog dash punches and Rashid stuff I guess that makes sense. Flying neutral stuff.

As for block strings that sounds harder cuz you need EX for frame one parry that loses to grabs and still have to account for 3 heights for shit. You might as well be playing Sakura once a grappler gets near you.

Yeah, that last part I wasn’t totally serious about.

But with Sakura I’m totally free to stuff like Alex stomp or pretty much every button Bison has. I just lost to a Bison who did nothing but alternate between headstomp and Devil’s Reverse.
To be fair it took me a while to be ready for those flowcharts with Kolin as well but it’s hard to beat the bullshit if you don’t have any of your own.

Or maybe I just need a long break again. There’s a new Overwatch event, it’s probably time I play that.

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If you like the character why not keep using her and just have someone for the MUs you really don’t like then?
Don’t think SFV is a game that overly rewards just sticking with one character at this point…

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More characters = much tougher to solo a character and win. Unless you play a character with like Akuma levels of versatility in the meta and options it’s tough. Hence Tokido mainly doing 1st place work as a solo character player. Everyone else getting 1st like Infil, Neon and the like usually have other characters.


That would be nice but this is SFV, not SFIV.

@Evil_Canadian and everyone else doing video stuff
humble bundle has vegas pro 14 in it which i guess is supposed to be a good tool for guys like you.


why are you waiting my Korean back dashing friend?

Since Falke is obviously a Decapre substitute, and forged out of the DNA of a God, I am inclined to believe and hopeful that she is indeed a charge character.

To anyone who disagrees with my Chargeist outlook, I know you can’t express your disagreement with a reaction like before, but nevertheless go Falke yourself.