Sfv making console run hot

Is it me or have you guys noticed that when in game playing not during menus just playing the fans will ramp up pretty loud And this is on the newest cuh 1215 model hmm anyone? Hope capcom can fix this

you have witch version/model of ps4 ?
cuh …

Yea mine does that too! Its like the ps4 is hurting when I run it. Is this game pushing ps4 that hard?

Im in EU its cuh 1216 i believe in USA its cuh 1200 or cuh 1215 the newest one with the mechenical buttons for power no gloss panel, its also in open space middle of empty table nothing all around it away from the wall it does it only in SFv in mkx it doesnt so it so must be the game hopefully be patched

Mine too i have CUH 1216b 1 To model.
in NA the 16 is substituted with 15, anyway those models known that they’re hitting fast hot with fan speed,but no worry it’s normal beside being quiet.

Ya but no other game pushed it this hard tho i think it will be patched later with more tweaks And fixes

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this happends when i play bo3

I am not sure but he is an asshole that has been plauging this forum recently. I also have this issue and it is causing my PS4 to even freeze sometimes. Oh, also I am digital. Are yours Disc based or a PSN version ?

If you don’t like the topic just don’t respond? Its not whining when your ps4 sounds like its gonna blow up on you

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mine runs warmer on the VS screen and sometimes at the end of a match (when it waits for you to prompt to return to previous screen). i though it might be my console being dusty but disassembled a different PS4, cleaned it and had the same heat on the other console as well.

I haven’t noticed the heating up my PS4 but the PC version turns my PC into an oven.

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my console components run no hotter than 35c-40c under load for over 3 hours

How did u get it that low itzpookiie? Also yes mine is disc i also tried dusting it its the game that makes the fan ramp up it needs some tweaks And fixes

You gotta turn down the graphics on PS4.

Oh what’s that? They’re already super low? Sorry guys!

Haha that is not entire true the graphics are on high but on PC u can set it above high usually ultra but its defently not on low or even mid

I just think the PS4 vs PC thing is funny.