SFV Matchup Chart. S2 Boxer vs Guile; Urien vs Gief; Ibuki vs Sim; Ryu vs Vega; Juri vs FANG


sim doesn’t have a throw loop midscreen since throw > dash forward > throw whiffs unless you take a tiny step forward first. which they can jab you out of or just walk backwards since sim’s lows are unsafe on hit at that range


This makes me realise that I need to study character oki and all the bullshit characters setups and whatnot but that shit bores the hell out of me. :frowning:


You’re right that he isn’t exactly in range for a throw. However if you time it right the jab shouldn’t work since it extends the hurtbox enough to let him catch the opponent (tested it on Laura, I guess everyone else is the same). It’s pretty much the same situation as Ryu’s corner loop. Thanks btw, I’ll add that to the post.

I also forgot that Laura actually has a throw loop in the corner (though it requires a very precise timing). I forgot to test the walk forward option for some reason, lol.

P.S. I also edit Alex because I really forgot a ton of options.


I don’t see the point of going for a throw in situations where the throw will whiff unless they press a button, though. why wouldn’t you just go for a meaty in that situation? you get much higher reward on hit than a throw, and if they decide to block you’re still at advantage instead of having your throw whiff in front of their face and then eating a full punish.

and meaty combos into knockdown will almost always give better oki than throws anyways


My goal wasn’t to say which option is better, but only which option is possible and in which situation.


Karin has a decent corner throw loop setup, although it requires timing. Didn’t see it in the list.


Karin’s throw loop in the corner is there.


In the number of characters results part I meant.


I KNEW there was someone missing lol.


Added Kolin.


Finally found some decent Fang vs Juri footage now that Infiltration is playing ranked again.

Although there’s probably some skill difference here, it goes how I figured it would go. Using charged V Skill to deter Fang from playing his ranged game. Which forces him to come in and hit buttons. Which while he is solid at doing that, doesn’t open up as much opportunities to set up poison. Her backdash with the V Skill charging and faking the charge really forces Fang out of his element it seems. Just a lot of rounds where he can’t approach or zone too well due to moving backwards with the V Skill. Not to mention she can pressure and frame trap him well with a 3 frame c.LK and other plus buttons while he only has 4 frame buttons and a reversal that loses to throws.

I say it’s easily 6 4 in her favor and probably still stick to 6.5 in her favor since there doesn’t seem to be much he can do once she’s all charged up.



I know you said you thought Fang vs Ryu was about even. Wondering if you see Daigo doing anything here that you aren’t already doing and more in depth thoughts about the matchup.



Like 3 more things:
-EX flip kick is another really strong anti zoning move here, it will punish him for doing Nishikyu from almost full screen.
-sMK is really really good against him in neutral. Trades and beats his MP buttons very well.Since his forward walk speed is so poor she can bully him with sMK pretty well.
-I’m still not sure how useful this is but sHK will go over Ryobenda puddle at a pretty good range/trade with him in her favor from what I’ve seen.
Also, Juri can get charges pretty safely in this MU from my experiences…


Yeah the matchup generally looks pretty lopsided in her favor once she gets started. Fang seems to have to do all the committing and there’s more things she can react to once she’s stored and metered up.


Can we discuss about rog vs Laura? Why do rog players think it’s one of his worse matchup?


One of the few matches where he actually loses options


How so? Her mp fireball stops him from doing random straight until he gets meter, but after that he can ex screw through it or ex straight if she tries to charge and get the 2/3 hitter (or even the dash low charge if he reacts fast enough).
When she knocks him down, wake up tap has to be on the back of her mind because you can’t dash in grab/command grab like you do against other characters. After an mp elbow knockdown, for example, you can’t dash in regular throw because even if you’re able to jab after your throw recovers, you’ll trade at best and he’s able to combo from that.
He’s considered a big body character, so your non vtrigger ex fireball mixups always land in front if you reset with st hp. You can use st mk but that always lands behind, defeating the purpose of the mixup.
He has very strong corner carry combos, especially in vtrigger, and she suffers more than other characters in that position (same reason why I think necalli is a bad-ish matchup for her)


EX fireball strings are what I mainly see Laura’s use against Balrog players, in the corner it sets up some of the scariest offense that Rog just has to respect. I’m not a Laura player though. I’ve seen her lock Balrog in the corner a lot, EX Fireball and fireball in general locks him in.


That’s not only against rog though. I saw someone call it an “unwinnable” matchup…


It’s her fireball dude. When I’ve heard rog talk about it it’s always her fireball. Rogs a charge character so the proximity lockdown of the fireball messes with him. He can’t back away and gain charge, he has to jump back and lose space. He can ex through it if close and he has a good read or great reactions, but get it blocked and he going for a ride. Rog can’t use v skill to go through fireball. He either hits it in startup with sweep or armor punch, or goes through it with armor. Or takes Laura’s pressure or jumps backwards and corners himself.

Rog has no reversals so Laura’s pressure game against him is real.

So he’s uncomfortable at best at neutral and then lauras pressure dominates him on oki and when inside.

In this match which idom loses, you can see all the trouble that Laura’s fireball gives rog when spaced correctly just outside of rogs medium attack range where rog has to commit to beating the fireball with a sweep or an armor punch.

Idom loses because reasons, but he’s been winning this particular matchup against smug for over 6 months.

All you really need to know is that the fireball gives rog huge troubles and that’s enough to beat most balrogs if you are a decent Laura that doesn’t telegraph the heck out of her fireball.



These two played so much against each other that the matchup becomes a bit blurry. Smug is playing against Idom, not Laura, and vice versa, you know what I mean?
But anyway,
Round 1 game 1 starts with a good reaction from idom on smug’s vskill, which nets him a knockdown and a good sequence. Smug gets then counter hit after a meaty st hp (+0 at best on block), fails the first guess on the command grab but succeeds on the second one and almost steals the round with his vtrigger.
Round 2 game 1 Idom fails a crucial punish on a poorly spaced dash straight and gets bullied in the corner until he dies.
In round 3 game 1 smug used his ex screw and traded, it was definitely in his favour though (knockdown and decent chunk of damage). He could have easily swept her the other three or four times she charged a fireball right under his nose, but I think he was committed to those level 3 to 5 taps.
Round 1 game 2 two fully charged fireballs go unchecked. A lucky st hk CC nets idom a knockdown. Again the counter hit after a blocked st hp. Also, smug is expecting more command grabs which lets him eat a fireball on his last wake up.
A good showcase is round 2 of game 2. At 87 seconds they are close to the half of the stage. Idom blocks an ex straight, a jab, and a level 4 tap, and he’s in the corner. He then escapes only because smug lets him charge a full fireball in sweep range, and then he gets hit by an ex straight when trying to charge another one towards the end.
Round 3 of game 2 is textbook sfv. Corner -> shimmy -> stun with one hit -> dead.

Idom’s play style looks both effective and annoying to play against, but I don’t think it’s anything specific to balrog