SFV Matchup Chart. S2 Boxer vs Guile; Urien vs Gief; Ibuki vs Sim; Ryu vs Vega; Juri vs FANG


I’m just telling you what both balrogs and Laura’s have told me. And my own experiences with using Laura in the matchup. If you disagree then that’s fine, but I’ll take the word of the mountains of evidence that I have in my own play plus arguably the best Laura and rog out there and my own offline peeps that I’ve discussed this with till I see some stuff to indicate otherwise.


To make it simple, Laura and Rog have a similar build (3 framer, frame traps, linear pressure, burst damage, a frame 3 armored move, no invincible reversal). Laura has a meterless tool that shuts down the main tool Rog has to get in, i.e. a slow moving fireball he will run into and that you can’t easily get around with vskill. Balrog does have a throw invincible move with TAP, but below lvl 7 it’s only frame 3, which means that a tick throw with her +3 oB st. LK will work regardless.
So Laura has a defensive option that Rog doesn’t have, and she has an offensive option that kills Rog’s best tool against grapplers.

I don’t think the MU is heavily in her favour, but clap and st. LK definitely give her an edge over him.


Jeez why so defensive? I’m not disagreeing, I’m just trying to understand.
Calling your personal play and talk with your friends a mountain of evidence is a bit of a stretch though

Ok, I can see that.
Slightly in her favour is what I feel as well. Far away from the 7-3s or worse you see flying around.

Is there a balrog main who can give us an insight from the other perspective?


I think Rog’s v trigger and damage output alone keeps him from having too many 3 7 matchups. If the Rog player makes good reads the matchup won’t matter as much because they will always convert into something damaging with you in the corner or near the corner.

Kinda like how Mika’s matchups always start to even out once she corner carries you. Everybody is going to get similarly wrecked by corner game Mika


Rogs v trigger knows no matchups.

It’s like the broke midget that fucks supermodels. There’s no withstanding that kind of personal power. Best to just get out of the way.


Sim vs.


His new cr.mk will help him to keep pressure better after drills and up-close attacks by deterring characters from simply walking back to get out of his throw range. This will help out a lot in MU’s agaist characters with fast backwalk speeds.

Right now, the only other changes I would want for Sim is j.mp changed to hit grounded opponents,; j.mp, j.lp, and j.mk being Vskill cancellable on hit only; b.mp being changed to 7F startup from 8F; and gale input being changed to QCF+K.

The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere


He names one thing as the reason why Laura gives balrog problems, I’ll let you guess what it is.



Interesting note is that Bornfree says that PR Rog has picked up Alex of all characters to help counter pick Gief.


In my time dabbling with Alex he kinda smashes gief. His cr.mp is the anti gief button.


Obviously Rog will probably win if he gets a hit with vtrigger and converts into a big combo. That’s almost axiomatic. Saying he beats a character because of it is like saying Birdie wins because of his trigger. The thing you have to remember is the match doesn’t start with trigger and he has to get the hit once he gets trigger. Characters that beat him in neutral and put him on defense are the ones that beat him. For example: Laura, Mika, Gief, Cammy, Kolin, Rashid, Vega and Bison.


Don’t buy it one bit. Balrog has a very easy time getting into his V-Trigger compared to most of the cast.

Burst damage especially when you have a lot of ways to get into that burst damage can even up match ups that would normally be bad especially when the opposing character doesn’t have the same level of burst damage. Also the point about starting with trigger is irrelevant when you are guaranteed to get it every round unless you burn it all on V-Reversal.

Balrog pretty much shits on anyone who can’t match his burst factor.


I have never seen a round where Balrog doesn’t have VT stocked, or doesn’t get ample opportunity to pop it.


There are rounds where Rog spends V Reversals and ends up going the round without getting V Trigger. It just only really happens vs characters with strong offense and not that often.

Rog can still kill you without getting V Trigger so in the grand scale it doesn’t matter much. Most of the high tiers don’t need their trigger to kill you. Ibuki, Rog, Laura, Urien all have dangerous set play without their trigger


Link to most recent MU chart?


Thought I’d throw in my opinion of Karin’s season 2 matchups:

6-4: Ken, Juri, Nash, Alex, Necalli, Ryu.

5-5: Akuma, Chun, Cammy, Kolin, Bison, Laura, Mika, Urien, Rashid, Ibuki, Guile, Vega, FANG.

4-6: Gief, Birdie, Dhalsim (slight loss), Balrog


what character beats gief and birdie and isnt guile or sim




@OceanMachine can you confirm these?


I can’t really check because the frame data tool doesn’t work with the latest SFV version.


Ok I guess I’ll mess around with it in training sometime.