SFV Matchup Chart. S2 Boxer vs Guile; Urien vs Gief; Ibuki vs Sim; Ryu vs Vega; Juri vs FANG


I confirm it’s true. However Necalli can’t do anything mid screen since he’s too far for jabs to connect after dash. Karin can’t do much either if she didn’t V-Reversal right in their face.


Ah ok so I guess at best it’s just an advantage to make a move over the opponent and no real meaty setup.

Interesting that Abigail gets legit meaties. Doubt it’s intentional, but it’ll be cute for him to have for a little while. He has some really unique properties to him like having double the pre jump frames of other characters.


What do you guys think about birdie v Karin matchup
i think it’s 5.5 but Karin thread seem to think otherwise




Of course the Karin thread seems to think otherwise. It’s a character thread where the bias is always super real.

With that said I’ve heard Birdie and Karin players alike since the launch of the game say that Birdie can be tough for Karin. if she gets in she most likely tears him up, but he puts up a lot of a neutral wall that she doesn’t have to commonly deal with vs other characters. I’d say she might be a 4 6 vs a super optimal Birdie, but maybe only 4.5 at worst.

Seeing Punk switch to Nash (and apparently also picked up Chun) to deal with Gief I assume that these big, armor/flex characters are a bit rough for her.


Flex is different from birdie armor though since he can SPD right after but birdie is - on block
Plus gief vreversal is much scarier situation

Gief vs Karin is really differentl from birdie vs Karin

Once Karin in it’s really hard to get her off
If birdie uses vreversal that’ll set him back from vt and doesn’t give him much
If birdie uses ex bullhorn he’s super -minus

5-5 for me
5.5-4.5 at worst


Pretty much my sentiment. Even or slight disadvantage. Karin is just going to get too much reward when she finally does get in and his close game doesn’t threaten her to level that Gief’s does.


I think is a 5-5.

Birdie controls the match in the mid-range where Karin usually abuse her footsies. The latter needs to gets in patiently taking less damage possible during the process. Putting Birdie into the corner will make the MU way more easier for Karin,from there she has everything to stop Birdie escape attempts. Her throw range is good enough to stop Birdie EX moves and even jumping away isn’t an option from there. The most the Birdie player can keep out Karin the better, when she’s close he need to don’t panic and block. Taking even just a throw midscreen puts Birdie in a safer place since Karin can’t get nothing from it.


So after many months, what do you think of Ed’s MUs? Does he even have very good MUs such as “I’m gonna play him as a counterpick”?


Dunno. Haven’t played too much of him or watched many of his matchups. I planned to at some point if I ever get some free time. He seems like a character that could be versatile for a lot of matchups. Especially since he has better AA than most of the cast


Ed is the most forgettable character in the game. It’ll be hard enough to get a forum members’ opinion on his matchups let alone a top player.


Ed don’t generate fanfics outside yaoi ones. At least Abi has a mad damage to work with,Kolin and Menat are too good even just for fanservices.


Ed has weird fucking match-up because of just how nonsense his tools are. E.g. Cammy, Rashid, and Akuma are solid 6-4 in his favour IF they play a lot with their air game’s allowing Ed to get a lot of free Rising > Splashes off on them but if they commit to a solid ground strategy all three can easily out-poke him and get much more damaging abare than Ed can making them feel 4-6.

It’s hard for me to think of a match-up that Ed just solidly wins and isn’t reliant on the opponent playing in a very specific manner or just flow charting.


Anyone have Ryu’s matchup list?


3-7 everyone


Nice great content