SFV Matchup Chart. S2 Boxer vs Guile; Urien vs Gief; Ibuki vs Sim; Ryu vs Vega; Juri vs FANG


Most of Cammy’s damage comes from frame traps or shimmy.

Birdie has no reason to press anything during pressure. He wants to take the throw and be reset to an advantageous position. While cammy is trying to get back in, one screw up can lead to him getting more damage than she does.

His v skill isn’t really the threat in this matchup, at least not always. It’s the damage conversion off of everything, and the very low practical damage cammy has because he can just take a throw. When you factor in health, there’s no way cammy can last as long at this. Birdie is one of the few characters that completely out footsies cammy, so when he takes a throw its a really bad situation for her, whereas usually, she can reset to neutral and have an advantage still.

The best thing cammy has in this matchup is instant ex dive. But there are good tools to deal with that. In the case of getting hit, just take the throw after the reset. On block either vreversal or take the throw. If cammy needs to use meter just to get something like a throw I don’t see how this matchup can be even.

I’m sure any decent cammy would agree, and basically everyone in the cammy forum says the same thing about the mu.


Cipher could you expound on why you don’t think the birdie matchup is slightly in his favor. Most cammy’s in the forum do agree that while she does really well against the top half of the cast she struggles in a few matchups with characters in the tier below her. Necro does raise some valid points…Birdie does out neutral cammy perhaps until she has v-trigger. Sure cammy does have the tools to get around it but because of her low health/high stun and his high health/high damage you tend to have to play more perfectly than you would against some of the other cast. That’s why i think defensive ryu’s (like daigo style, I actually think she does well if the ryu plays more like tokido), birdie, and Geif are her worst matchups. While I do think they aren’t so bad that she can’t win them I just feel as though she has to do a bit more work than she normally would. For instance consider your own experience…have you never played against geif and gotten significantly more hits only to guess wrong once or twice and lose. That’s cammy’s weakness and most cammy players feel that those three chars are in a very good position to exploit it. Or do you feel as though cammy only has 5-5’s or better across the board? I don’t think she has a 3 - 7 against any character (as I don’t feel there are many of those in this game) and if she does its only geif, but i do think she is in a less than desirable position in those matchups.


People talk about Cammy’s low health and limited options vs Gief and Birdie, but you have to look at how it would neutrally only get worse with other characters. It’s not like Mika is going to have better neutral vs them and she has no DP either. At least Cammy still has an invincible DP to make reads against buttons in the neutral and escape a situation without sacrificing her meter. It’s a risk cuz CC punish if blocked, but DPs still hit often enough so it’s there. Like Mika isn’t going to have a better matchup vs Birdie than Cammy because she has a stocky 950 health. She has slower walk speed, no DP to call out abuse of his big buttons and needs meter to reliably shut down his V Skill options.

Cammy’s buttons are too good to have a 3-7 vs Gief and I personally think the issue is Cammys still need to explore their button options vs him. I keep seeing Cammy players say they have so much trouble vs his jab when jabs have terrible priority due to the trade system any way. Gief can kill you in 2 or 3 moves once he has V Trigger and Super regardless of your health value. That’s just how he’s designed and things like EX SPD hurt big unless you’re like a 1050 health character.

Cammy has high damage output with resources. People say that Cammy basically has 2 supers because of the damage she can get off her V Trigger. Her lower health is offset by the potential damage she can do each round, a meterless DP to call out predictable offense/footsies and generally some of the best overall footsie and anti air tools in the game.

**Cammy’s 900 stun (only character with 900 stun) and poor V Reversal is more of her issue than her health. **Karin, Ibuki and Sim also have 900 health/950 stun and they’re finding ways to work and or place highly in tournaments. The only thing you can really call out about Cammy’s stamina is the 900 stun which puts her in stun range a bit faster than the other 900 health characters. Yet, she’s the only 900 health character with a meterless DP that pushes the opponent far enough away to reduce your stun. Her V Reversal is really negative on block and has short range which is why you don’t see people use it much and can put her at more of a liability for the stun. Which is why Cammy players usually just bank on having that call out with the DP instead any way.


I thought they all had 900 stun too but indeed you are correct… but Cammy still places better in tournament, probably because she has no other real flaws besides linearity.
I’m starting to think Cammy is the real SF5 Akuma. Hell, she even has the Demon Flip.


Mika is scarier when she gets in IMO. Everything about cammy is shimmy/frame trap/throw. Birdie doesn’t care about throw, so the other two fall apart if the birdie refuses to tech or press buttons during pressure


Mika is scarier because of the command grab, Birdie reading it and neutral jumping it is more worrysome than against most characters because that shit is going to hurt and he will push you back a ton which is actually an issue in that matchup because his neutral is fucking good and he’ll get time to setup the can or the banana.

If Mika claps him into the corner with full meter he’s fucking dead though. I’ll give you that.


Speaking of Cammy, apparently Xian considers her F.A.N.G.'s worse match up.


lol well apparently to you guys shes the best character in the game…as those are the only matchups that cammy mains tend to think she has trouble. To say that someone isn’t exploring their buttons versus a character is quite an assumption. If you have no trouble vs. those characters and your a cammy main then by all means post a matchup of vid to display the key highlights but don’t discount my opinion just to say were not doing our homework. Iv’e asked cobelcog and hurricane on stream personally and even they believe those characters give her trouble. If you read my post i said i doubt that she has any 7 - 3’s but i do think that there are matchups that she’s at a disadvantage. Furthermore Cammy’s biggest weakness isn’t the stun or v-reversal imo its how linear she is and the fact that throws pretty much just reset the situation for her until you get to the corner (ie she gets nothing off of them but corner carry). She’s a very honest character that has some trouble when you just want to hold down back and throw out lows like (ryu’s cr. mp to challenge shimmy’s and divekicks) I never said she can’t get around the matchups I just don’t think there in her favor. At best their even but I do not believe that she has only even or good matchups across the board.


And of course karin works it out I wish cammy had that amazing ass sweep giefs have enough to worry about with that and her mk. And Mika is mika…that character can beat anyone of her matchups if you mess up and she makes you play marvel in the corner. The problem with Gief is that you have to take the necalli matchup approach and kinda shuffle outside of his cc. hp zone so you can whiff punish and get started. Unlike necalli he has a move that moves him forward and a very far reaching command grab. Most times cammy’s are attempting to take advantage of that sweet spot where she wants to be and your walking back and forth and you get grabbed, and like you said earlier Geif is designed to maul you when he gets in, and I think only ibuki takes a mauling as bad as cammy does. Now here’s where the health problem comes in…you have an invincible reversal, but they may be accounting for that and Geif has the health to afford a few bad guesses on a DP. Most Geifs are happy to take a dp or two or three just to get in so they can kill her, and they can afford to do that. So Devil Jin would you put that matchup in cammy’s favor,i personally only think its a 6-4 for geif which isn’t that bad honestly but do you think its 5 -5 or something and if so what do you feel her negative matchups are.


Yeah im saying the same thing you are in that there will be struggles for her in those matches, but with her tools they’re still manageable and 4 to 6 at worst. There are characters that definitely struggle more vs Gief and Birdie than Cammy


That’s fair I can agree with that lol except Ryu that guy is just amazing but I don’t mind lol someone taught me to just backtech against him alot then quickrise everytime to throw him off and it works wonders.


Well Xian’s gotta be some kinda scrub because my Prima Games SFV Official Strategy Guide clearly states that Cammy “has especially difficult matchups against Dhalsim and FANG” =)

Sorry, just had to get it off my chest that I actually spent money on that POS. Carry on.


A few things to keep in mind with Cammy vs. Birdie:

  1. It’s extremely common for him to block her DP and not be able to reach her with st. RH crush counter.
  2. Birdie beating her in footsies is arguable at best and IMO just wrong. While you can compare hitboxes and possibly find Birdie’s being longer than hers, you have to remember that if she touches him once, she screen (and possibly corner) carries and plus her buttons are significantly faster than his. Example: Cammy’s st. hp is 6 frames. Cr. mp is 5 frames. Cr. mk is 7 frames. Cr. lp is 3 frames. Birdie’s fastest normal is 4 frames (super short range), st. mp is 7 frames, st. mk is 8 frames, and st. hk is 12 frames. I mean yeah, he does have a 10 frame heavy normal, but it’s -9 on block so congrats? When it comes to footsies, I think Birdie is the number 1 crush countered character because he either has shitty hitboxes, slow ass normals (and/or lower priority than heavies) or a combination of all of the above.
  3. So anyway, I keep hearing take the throw, take the throw. But yeah, remember how I just said she carries you across the screen every hit? You can’t just “take the throw” in the corner because all that shit loops there. Also, if you’re content with just taking the throw, then you’re probably not pushing buttons to her her out of her vskill that is + on block.
  4. Birdie’s best footsies normals are also the ones where you can jump in on him for free if he sticks them out. They do not recover in time for him to anti-air you in that situation. He can block, but you get a free in so it doesn’t matter.


There’s no range where cammy can safely play looking for a whiff punish that’s good for her.

Cammy does not have a throw loop. She has one off of back throw but you only get one rep. She has to walk forward to get another throw.


Vega? Karin? Sim? Nash?

Sure, Cammy’s stun rating is worse than all of them and her health is worse than Vega and Nash. On the other hand, she has a meterless invincible reversal and a 3f jab that can confirm into stuff. The other characters listed have at most 1 of those. Sim and Nash have neither.

I would think those 2 defensive options win Cammy more games than 50-100 extra health or stun would.

FANG probably gets mauled harder than Cammy too


He was talking about the corner. Everyone can throw loop once you touch the corner.

Ibuki has a 3 frame jab, 3 frame special, ex dp and v reversal with decent invincibility. She can keep from getting mauled. If she had 950 health no one would even be worried about her on defense. But 900 health I think is just below average for this game. It isn’t a huge liability like the 750 and 800 health was in SFIV


Except Juri.


So was I. Cammy doesn’t have a corner throw loop. She has to walk forward a good bit


Juri sux hue hue hue.

I still need to learn her. Shes got a lot of good tools.

I dunno, I think she has about the same push back as Ibuki does from forward throw in the corner. If you say so though.

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Mind elaborating on this a little bit? I’m thinking of picking her up for shits and giggles but I haven’t played/watched any good Juris yet so I’m not sure what her gameplan is or what she excels at.

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