SFV & MVC2 / CVS2 - Suisun CA


Thanks for the tips Bro! Your footies got the best of my Rufus! We gotta run that back again!


Today is the day that Tyram will be destroyed, once again.


As prophesized, ol’ Mitt was slain 10-3.


Lets play today!


Marvel sesh today


Sup mofos. Marvel tonight


Ultra is about to jump off. Hit me up!

Marvel tonight tho.


Marvel tonight


Tomorrow will be me vs Tyram ft35 in cvs2. Message me to come through or watch at twitch.tv/tharimrattler


Getting back on mvc2 and cvs2 heavy. Anyone want to session, hit me up.


You guys look like old svgl heads, what`s up with mvc2 & cvs 2 ?


What’s up man! I used to go to svgl every once in a while. Anyway, yeah I’ve been having CVS2 and MVC2 sessions! Bringing back old man fighters lol, let me know if you want to come game some time and we can set it up!


Are these sessions still going down??


Yeah man it’s happening! Let me know if you are up in the area.


SFV sessions on the reg.


Rattler if I can ever make it out to you I would love to get in a sesh up for anything Marvel 2 is my first love but im up for whatevs.


Where are you located Slangin?


Im in SF


Ok yeah if you’re out this way hit me.


Game today? Hmu