SFV Newbie Looking for Players


I’m new to SFV but not SF by any means. Ive been playing for about 2 weeks and would like to find people to play with more frequently. I’m still learning the gameplay…I don’t want to say I’m good by any means but I know the controls hahaha. I’m obviously a Chun Li player, but I cycle through other characters. Everyone says she’s not very good in SF5 which makes me want to keep practicing with her more. My PSN name is “chunnerss” shoot me a friend request and message if you want to play. I want to get better and this seems to be the best way.


Im also just now picking up the game!, Looking to build a group of people to chill with, fight with, learn with. Im a PC player.


Thats what I’m hoping to do! Unfortunately, I’m a PS4 player…


Theres no group chat or anything when facing people cross platform is there?


Can you play cross platform?


Yes, Ps4 can play and face pc, But not sure about the friend system


ill be on in a few hours if you want to try and find me via my PSN name. My in game fighter ID is the same as my username here


I played against some PC players and could start a room with them via SF5 username. If you’re ever on, create a room and add “hair_bun_warrior” I might be online…whats your fighter name?


If anyone has added me on PSN I just accepted your friend request from Thursday. Sorry for the late response!