SFV PC Custom Skin Mod Thread(NO mod requests)


Creating on the advice of skin mod organizer extraordinaire HunterK(he knows his stuff)

The old Ultra SFIV Skin thread is below in case you still want old SFIV stuff:

DLC unlocks/workarounds will NOT be discussed and NO nudity will be tolerated (c’mon guys, this is a family forum) under penalty of banhammer


Please don’t quote images. It’s in the rules for the site and it junks up the thread.

NO MOD REQUESTS, SEND A PM FOR THAT, or better yet learn to make them, tis fun -
Most modders can point you to a tutorial.

This is SFV ONLY, Thanks guys!

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This is just my opinion but I feel like having a dedicated sub-forum for this may be more appropriate this time around.
The previous thread racked up 369 pages, which makes it really hard to sort through and find what you’re looking for.
Either way though, looking forward to seeing what people come up with!


Sounds good to me!

I just couldn’t stand iv and v stuff all mashed up in the same thread.


Too soon


Nope. Mods are already here, so they are either going in the old thread mixed with iv…

…or here where you don’t need to sift through iv stuff and can have them ready for release. :smiley:

Besides that, UR a PS4 player B)


All this beta work and everybody forgot about mikas ass. Good news I got a different camera angle on the ass… Bad news… I think wont work on beta 4 or the original game

sorry @hunterk


I think you live under a rock XD


Can somebody do a super simple colour swap for me, I just wanted a nice black under armour/purple gi combo, similar to his pink in where the colours are but a deeper shade of purple like his 3S colour. I’ll pay you with happiness and satisfaction.


Going back to the butt slap for a sec. I never actually understood WHY she does it. A butt slap followed by a thumbs up. Looks really awkward.


did’nt watch fake wrestling since i was kid, but iirc was pretty common for wrestlers announcing the attack,maybe a signature move, to the crowd

Same reason she does the microphone speech, she’s performing for the crowd


The microphone part I get. But the butt slap I never actually understood. Eh, just one of those "head tilting moments.


I fixed the camera angle. I tought she just points not thumbs up.


I’ll miss the butt jiggle. :frowning:


Im done for the day! XD Censorship cant beat hex editing! For now… :dog:


I still can’t believe they censored cammy’s crotch shot. Smh on that one.


I can’t believe they bothered censoring a damn thing after releasing that Laura alternate…what the fuck was the point?


To make me salty. Also sensitivity!!! Because we can’t live in a world without ultra sensitivity!!! Da da da da da da

All the SJW’s will make a stand
Getting everything censored or banned
Having all the fans in an uproar!
But don’t worry!
It’s ok!
The SJW’s will make it allll ooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

I’m here to till thursday.


I can understand if Cammy was popping a titty or something(I mean, look at USFIV Poison) but who actually cares if you can see her crotch or Mika slaps her ass, not like I’m gonna be jerking off to it or anything anyway.

That’s what Chun’s for.

I like the fixed angles though, I’ll probably download a bunch of costume mods to save my time grinding fight money and/or spending copious amounts of cash on shitty alternates.


My guess is shield the younger generations eyes? So they don’t go railing chicks at 10 years old or vice versa? I dunno. The whole thing is just straight up stupid. Funny I didn’t remember this before, they actually censored christie and elena in one of the SFxT cinematic’s. Gave them “extra” bras.


Regarding the buttslap censorship : my guess is that Capcom is totally into the original take/camera angle (they obviously designed it that way in the first place, and the intention was very clear), but they probably got a warning that if that stayed in, some western rating board wouldn’t give them the Teen rating which would mean a huge loss in sales.

Just my wild guess of course, but that’s what it looks like. It would be hilarious if we were to end up with two different versions of the game, just like in the SNES days when many Japanese games were edited for the EU/US market.

I love the fact that they totally spun the issue on it’s head with the Laura alternate. That’s pretty clever in a way :slight_smile:


Can someone be kind enough to give Bison this cape with the gold clips:

Or this alternative more asymmetrical design:


Make sure that the length of the cape is extends slightly longer than his “skirt”.

This is for your troubles:

Thank you, whoever you are. You kind, wonderful person, you. <3

(keep the change)