SFV PC Custom Skin Mod Thread(NO mod requests)


@hecz : Odd ! I was unable to unpack stuff on my end as the quickbms script failed and then placing beta4 edited color files in their original locations didn’t work for me either - which led me to assume that either the colorization system changed or that the XXX character codes were different now. Maybe some things changed and some didn’t ?


For me, it’s not a problem, I can live with or without your mods,
I can live with or without you in the forum. the only problem here. your never going to get over !!!.

Para mí, no es un problema, puedo vivir con o sin tus mods,
puedo vivir contigo o sin ti en el foro. el unico problema aqui es. que tu nunca lo vas a superar!!!.


I’m super disappointed that the Steam Workshop thing apparently isn’t actually a thing. At least not at launch or discussed for the future. Missed opportunity. I mean they could have done something like TF2 does where some stuff from the workshop Capcom contacts the author to work out adding it to official game as a premium costume. And they can get someone to moderate the stuff to prevent putting on premium outfits, not that it would matter THAT much since it’d be client side only.

I can understand why they didn’t do it, just sad they didn’t work to find a way that would make everyone happy. :confused:


i have no idea about ongoing drama but if there is another place where sfv mods are posted i’d like to know



If you need the unpacker shoot me a PM


here I leave the instructions and programs

open SFVUnpacker give you quickbms

open quickbms

step 3
select script SF5_pak_extractor

step 4
select you pak you want unpack

save the unpak
Where you want




Thanks man - that does confirm that things are slightly different now (new quickbms script) - it all makes sense !


question someone know where too find the tutorial and tool too mods the character music ? thank you


Basically modding SFV is similiar to MGSV, a fucking hassle. Damn…well there was rumors of an official steamworkshop so who knows…

Edit: Nevermind I guess Capcom pulled the plug for now…guess they want to dish out premium outfits for 4-5 bucks accordingly…


I’m not sure who to PM, or where to ask, but is it possible to get some skins for Cammy, Laura, R. Mika, etc., with MORE CLOTHES on? I know it is different than most, but I like to play with my kids, and it doesn’t matter what they wear, funny or silly or serious, but are there any skins that cane be made, or used for those characters? If not, would someone be willing to make some for me?


@Trife88 : it still should be a little easier than MGSV - if I remember correctly from the FPS mod on GZ it required a full repack of the game files which was kinda crazy !

I still have to try out the recent tools, but from what I understand model swaps, texture edits, color palette edits and stage optimization through asset removal should still be possible and trivial for SFV. Model editing is still an unknown as far as I know.


Is there a simple tool that anyone has made to just add/swap color skins? Im fine with getting my hands dirty with the code myself, I would just need someone to show me or get me started (I did see some information earlier in this but It’s a bit vague)


@PFunk, No idea you were a SF fan!

I have been 'miring your work for a long time now.
That Q looks amazing btw. Kinda want to start creating my own mod now =]

The first post mentions that modders might know tutorials and what not. If anyone has any guides or know of any links, could they be added to the first post?


@PFunk that Q is amazing. you do a great job capturing the 3S character design in 3D. same goes for that Alex mod you did a ways back!


Trunks and Gogeta Nash


@fatihG_ @pootnannies : :slight_smile:

@xiceman191 , that’s looking pretty damn fresh !


We got gogeta up in here.


Wheres the nude gief mods up in this bitch?


Can someone point me in the right direction on how to start modding for this game please?

Basically what I would be looking to do is be able to view the models so I can create a new one around its skeleton.


Google SFV
First link in google

They can probably help you