SFV PC Custom Skin Mod Thread(NO mod requests)


Most of the mods (except old reskins) are on the wiki and deviantart. Also Someone should edit the first post and put NO REQUESTS since we get a lot of those one liner posts. If somebody has a request send a PM.

Pfunk is right is to early for a subforum and I wont be working on camera mods or anything like that. What I did was just remove the censored intro and critical art.

I see users that have never seen in the usf4 thread and here they are giving opinions on how to do things :confused:

Our thread was awesome :smiley:


I read it a lot, it was awesome but if I saw something cool I pretty much had to grab it then or forever not have it because finding it the next day would be a huge chore.


Never happened to me but I get it. At least my mods will always be in my deviantart. Its just moddah and me doing injection on textures for now.


In that case I’m not going to suggest anything as drastic as a subforum or multiple threads, just that if this IS going to be a general modding thread the title should reflect that. Just calling it “skins” isn’t encompassing enough. Otherwise there will be people making more threads because they think it’s not being discussed in here.

Just call it “SFV PC skin/modding thread (NO REQUESTS)” and that should do fine.

As for organizing things, I would suggest trying to keep the first post updated with links to releases/guides, but that’s up to Ellipsen, or an active mod.


Please Do not quote images. Even if they are nice ones.


you are talking like theres going to be tons of stuff. Are you actually into modding? or just pretty and organized threads?

The way this is going there should be a subforum just for how to name and organize threads. I only posted one mod and now we are near a second page…


Of course I am. I’d been waiting for a modding thread since the first PC beta, but I’m not as into skins as I am into other stuff, which is the only reason I wanted clarification. The rest was just suggestions. They can be taken or not, but I’m certainly not making them for my own sake.

Anyway that’s enough about me, I was already done talking.


I’m so stoked for this thread. I’ve used a TON of mods from the SFIV Mod thread and can’t wait to do the same when it launches on PC.


Anybody found the official color of these alts?

With Ryu/Ken Alpha alt they did


Booty Laura, so much win! Too bad I have it on PS4.
The mods for this game will be awesome.


So…what programs will we need? I plan on doing re-models and textures of course.


So all we’ve managed to mod so far are ass and crotch shots? Ayy lmao. Not mad at that.

Made this A3 V-ism Ryu and Grey Laura about a month ago.



Some swaps i made, theres more in the channel




please dont post that crap in here!


Off to a great start lol! ROFL that 1st vid


I fixed lauras weird booty color.


@Trife88 : I would assume that things should eventually be very straightforward considering that this is straight up UE4 (give or take some time needed to figure out some details, like which specific version of the engine is to be used, and so on). As a matter of fact I think that we will most likely see a TON of model swaps and ports considering how easier modding will be compared to IV. It could be a good thing, but also could create some sort of saturation. We’ll see !


Cant wait for an injector. Just doing this took a lot of time.




I see. Please keep us updated! I have never modded on the UE4 engine but if what you say is true, I’m down to try