SFV PC Custom Skin Mod Thread(NO mod requests)


Some swaps i made, theres more in the channel




please dont post that crap in here!


Off to a great start lol! ROFL that 1st vid


I fixed lauras weird booty color.


@Trife88 : I would assume that things should eventually be very straightforward considering that this is straight up UE4 (give or take some time needed to figure out some details, like which specific version of the engine is to be used, and so on). As a matter of fact I think that we will most likely see a TON of model swaps and ports considering how easier modding will be compared to IV. It could be a good thing, but also could create some sort of saturation. We’ll see !


Cant wait for an injector. Just doing this took a lot of time.




I see. Please keep us updated! I have never modded on the UE4 engine but if what you say is true, I’m down to try


@Trife88 - In theory it’s indeed all very straightforward : getting the models from the game (it’s been done already) > modeling new geometry around the base skeleton > exporting that as FBX > importing in UE4 > spitting out the .uasset.

In practice things are more tricky though, because the developers most likely heavily modified the engine and the file format. I did a quick test and indeed, it caused the game to crash. So from there the ball is in the camp of the smart folks able to reverse-engineer that sort of stuff.


Watching the video 3 posts up has me wishing there was a “correct lip sync for english” mod.




A little question.
is it possible to change Cammys eyecolor in color 2 back to brown,like it was in the E3 and Beta1 builds.
This color combination looks incredible good with brown eyes for some reasons.


@Cipher : Yeah, it’s easily doable with a little tool called ColorEdit.

Alright, since I really can’t wait for V to come out I thought I’d start on a full model replacement in the hope that the injection of custom models will be figured out soon. Going classic Third Strike, hoping for it to work as a Dictator replacer (the bottom of the trench coat is based on Bison’s, hopefully that will work with cloth sim and all) :




I also did an alternate head - it is slightly more detailled than the 3S look but I might end up playing with it further just for the sake of it, maybe with a different paintjob.


That was fun :slight_smile:

SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

Update -


This Q is fucking FANTASTIC! You sir are talented! But I think he needs to be a little darker under that mask (yes Q is likely a black man under there). @Shockdingo


I AM PLEASED WITH MY SUMMONING! That is freakin’ beautiful. I really, REALLY hope Q makes it in SF5 at some point!

@PFunk I am absolutely loving your work, keep it up man, cheers! :slight_smile:


PFunk, that’s some solid sculpting dude. I’m partial to the Classic face with less angles, but those are both solid.


Thanks for the kind words guys, I am eagerly waiting for more info on modding in order to port it over … Agreed on the smooth head @Kanta-Kun ; @Shockdingo : me too ! @Daemos : Interesting ! I always assumed that he was native japanese because of the reference to Robot Detective K, but he is indeed taller than most of the cast of the game. Fun stuff :slight_smile:


I’m really looking forward to the influx of mods that’ll come with this. I’m going to get the game on PC so this will be the first time I can take advantage of mods in Street Fighter.

About his skin, a while back, I saw a theory that he was the agent in Q’s ending (David -both named agents are X-Files reference to David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson hah), then I started looking to see how much weight that theory held. I eventually started noticing that his down, fierce kick has his pants roll up past his socks and he has rather dark skin shown in other sprites, then I went all conspiracy mode a bit later and made a post (link in sig).

If Q comes back in SF5, I hope they don’t change his look too much or at all really since he’s only had one appearance. For alt costumes the Robo Detective K looks (in plain clothes, and “naked” ) are a must, but in general I’m not too sure what I’d do. His look works so well because it’s simple and iconic. I don’t really think a drastic alt costume would work for him, but I could be wrong.

Question for you; What V-Trigger and Critical art would you like to give him?

(Sorry for going off topic heh)


Hehe @Shockdingo , that was a pretty fun read ! At the very least the red tie is a dead giveaway for a link to the FBI. The only inconsistency I could think of is the fact that Q definitely has a patch of brown hair on his neck, meaning that he is not bald underneath. However this could just be an internal inconsistency … I even had to tweak the overall shape of the mask of bit (jawline mostly) because many of the official illustrations do not match the sprite itself :smiley:

About him being a robot or not : I see it like a fun nod to how cheap sentai and metal hero series are - like the way robot detective K is moving very much like, well, a guy in a suit :slight_smile: SFIII is super interesting in the way it references a ton of obscure pop culture material like that. That’s a huge part of why I like the game so much.

V-skill : 3S parry
V-reversal : 3S taunt animation
V-trigger : timed bomb throw
SA : hard to tell !!