SFV PC Custom Skin Mod Thread(NO mod requests)


I’m really looking forward to the influx of mods that’ll come with this. I’m going to get the game on PC so this will be the first time I can take advantage of mods in Street Fighter.

About his skin, a while back, I saw a theory that he was the agent in Q’s ending (David -both named agents are X-Files reference to David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson hah), then I started looking to see how much weight that theory held. I eventually started noticing that his down, fierce kick has his pants roll up past his socks and he has rather dark skin shown in other sprites, then I went all conspiracy mode a bit later and made a post (link in sig).

If Q comes back in SF5, I hope they don’t change his look too much or at all really since he’s only had one appearance. For alt costumes the Robo Detective K looks (in plain clothes, and “naked” ) are a must, but in general I’m not too sure what I’d do. His look works so well because it’s simple and iconic. I don’t really think a drastic alt costume would work for him, but I could be wrong.

Question for you; What V-Trigger and Critical art would you like to give him?

(Sorry for going off topic heh)


Hehe @Shockdingo , that was a pretty fun read ! At the very least the red tie is a dead giveaway for a link to the FBI. The only inconsistency I could think of is the fact that Q definitely has a patch of brown hair on his neck, meaning that he is not bald underneath. However this could just be an internal inconsistency … I even had to tweak the overall shape of the mask of bit (jawline mostly) because many of the official illustrations do not match the sprite itself :smiley:

About him being a robot or not : I see it like a fun nod to how cheap sentai and metal hero series are - like the way robot detective K is moving very much like, well, a guy in a suit :slight_smile: SFIII is super interesting in the way it references a ton of obscure pop culture material like that. That’s a huge part of why I like the game so much.

V-skill : 3S parry
V-reversal : 3S taunt animation
V-trigger : timed bomb throw
SA : hard to tell !!


Thanks! Heh, yeah, I kept wondering about the hair, part of me was thinking wires or a wig hah. Oh? Interesting, didn’t know you had come across art inconsistencies for his sprites and official art! Hmm.

I never thought about his movement being a Metal Hero throwback, that’s kinda nifty if that’s what they were going for!

I like your idea for the V skills. For his CA I think I’d try and combine Critical Combo attack and have it end with Deadly Double;

Camera pulls in close to Q’s mask, eye glints suddenly as he pushes his hat up with a single finger. He dashes similar to Charlie’s CA start up and lands the barrage of punches. On the last one he stomps on the opponent’s foot, holding them in place. He delivers the gut punch, the camera pulls back to show dust spraying in all directions and immediately cuts back to a close shot of the two. The opponent, still stunned and shaking is suddenly hit from overhead by Q dropping a haymaker that smashes them into the ground. The camera, switched to a bird’s eye view, holds as everything is still, except for the explosion of dust and debris in all directions as the powerful sounds of the hit echo out. All is still for a moment more, then suddenly the world springs to life as the opponent spirals into the air and lands behind Q who dusts himself off in a manner close to his parry.

A bit wordy, but I thought why not? Heh


Hehe nice - these characters really have a life of their own :slight_smile:
As for inconsistencies, here a rendition that is quite different from the 3S cover art and the character selection portrait (less bulky mask mostly) :


I like how it shows the character in a completely different context, becoming a public figure similar to Dr Manhattan as opposed to being a watcher lurking in the shadows. Of course that’s probably just a random picture with no connection with the actual story canon at all, but it’s still fun to think about :slight_smile:


Heh, yeah these were from the secret files. They’re interviewing “The Actors” from Sf3. I can’t remember what 12’s says, but it was a fun little nifty read heh. Q’s actor was shooting the breeze and mentioned his wife or something lol


Removed lower part of the dress.


It’s like you have motherfucking super powers, you can change these characters in anyway or shape you please, what do you do? Make them naked.

With great power comes great responsibility you know. Do the right thing, and give Bison that cape! :skull:


Getting closer to getting transparent item!!!




Hehe nice job @hecz :slight_smile: Funny how something that simple can change the look of a character so much !

Was playing with some colorization tweaks earlier :


And some fun with Ken too -


Already looking forward for a ken with (literaly) banana hair :wink:
and a version of him with fixed hair…

That kind of crazy to see how fast you learn meanwhile the gsme is not even out.
I have the feeling we gona see even crazier mod in this game than sf4


Q is white (on the tanned side), and based on the original sprite, with blond hair


As PS4 user, still pray for -not shitty- color edit mode


Looks like Q made the front page. I applaud your skill @PFunk but I’m almost afraid that Capcom will look at it, say “we can’t top that” and then we never get Q in SFV lol


Oh, one more thing, stop teasing us with unfinished shit or stuff that you wont share, thats exactly what xkira did (according to you) and you talked tons of shit to him for that! And you are doing the same exact thing hahaha!
At least xkira gave us pvp.
You ruined that thread on sfxt mods with your nazi shit, please dont ruin this one too.

@PFunk good shit bro, you are talented as fuck. Can’t wait for that injector!


Guile’s not impressed, he removed the whole thing :wink:


Haha yeah @Gojira , it kinda got out of hand ! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some posed screenshots soon, as a friend of mine is currently rigging him.

As for unreleased “test” mods, I personally don’t see a big problem with them considering that we are all still learning now. Plus the game is not even out yet after all. So close though ! Can’t wait to bring Nash online again.


Finally got the hang of the colors.


I dont either, the thing is this bitch cries when others do the same. Just check the sfxt thread, this kid ruined it. I dont want him to do the same here, hopefully nobody gives him any kind of power here.


The fireball has a black ink trail, looks really cool in motion. Ill upload a video when I get out of work.

Im running out of ideas, We need to find out a way to inject mesh :frowning: