SFV PC Custom Skin Mod Thread(NO mod requests)


The fireball has a black ink trail, looks really cool in motion. Ill upload a video when I get out of work.

Im running out of ideas, We need to find out a way to inject mesh :frowning:


LOL, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I saw the alt. They’re just chickens running around with their heads cut off. Instead of actually fixing real issues that are standing out like a sore thumb, they’re wasting time doing nonsense with camera angles to take away from Mika’s personality, when the game is about bringing out each character’s personality. How about fixing up the horrible stage/NPC quality or all the clipping in the character models. Spend a lil time on that maybe, dummies. Sony can’t be happy with what they’re seeing, and I know Epic Games isn’t flattered that UE4 is being promoted with this game so far, cuz it’s not being done any justice what-so-ever.

Complete lack of budget/time constraint/rush job crap so far. They got my $60, and they ran with it. Capcom never learns from past mistakes, they’re still after the quick buck upfront. Even though the whole idea behind the strategy of SFV is to keep it growing and thriving over the years, the approach so far is not looking good. In this new fighting game renaissance, they seem to be hoping to survive solely off the SF name, they aren’t winning any awards for being the prettiest fighter out, that’s for sure. Then soon as the next fighters start coming out, they’re gonna get buried even further when it comes to visuals atleast. So far, the visual presentation and performance is very very sloppy and signs of a rush job are at every corner. I’m not even gonna get started on the character story still-art that they keep mentioning is done by Bengus, like that is doing him any favors or represents his ability. SMH, it’s just so frustrating how Capcom finds a way to kill every top un-beatable franchise of theirs before they even release and get a fair shake in the market. The only hope is that they are very aware of all the issues and make major changes at a very fast rate after launch, with constant updates to everything. It’s still a bad loook though, and is sure to effect the most important launch sales when it comes to casuals that aren’t in favor of any specific fighter and just looking for a cool/pretty game to play. It’ll easily get passed up by many of the casual folks they’re always going after with all it’s issues.



I guess you missed the title in this thread. That rant belongs in SFV General discussion. :smiley:


Hecz, I think he needs a Snickers




Damn that bearded Ryu looks better than Capcom’s for some reason. I think it’s cuz it’s black and not brown…


@“Shinkuu Tatsumaki”

Thanx man. I think it looks weird because it looks like its cotton glued to his face XD


It’s funny. But black beard Ken just looks so weird with blonde hair.


He dyes his hair, Im pretty sure you know this. Looks fine to me tho. :pirate:


Was it really confirmed he dyes it? Hmmmm must have forgotten that part somewhere down the line.


Have you seen his eyebrows?


That’s good point.


But I thought Karin dyes her hair too. She dyes her eyebrows as well?


Of course! She’s waaay more fashion forward than Ken :wink:


Plus her family is richer than Ken’s. She can afford the extra dye.


Are there any tutorials on modding SFV? Or are we waiting until release to open the flood gates?


Best to wait until release since we need to know how the final version reacts to modding. In the cracked beta a lot more is probably possible than normally would be.


skin editing only. send me a pm or add me on steam. Im releasing my stuff after release bc im pretty sure capcom is going to change stuff and I have to start over.





Can we get a regular uniform Ryu with a beard and badass scars?

I’m not sure why Capcom went with green hand wraps and average schmo hair when they gave him the beard in the Pre-Release costume