SFV PC Custom Skin Mod Thread(NO mod requests)



I guess you missed the title in this thread. That rant belongs in SFV General discussion. :smiley:


Hecz, I think he needs a Snickers




Damn that bearded Ryu looks better than Capcom’s for some reason. I think it’s cuz it’s black and not brown…


@“Shinkuu Tatsumaki”

Thanx man. I think it looks weird because it looks like its cotton glued to his face XD


It’s funny. But black beard Ken just looks so weird with blonde hair.


He dyes his hair, Im pretty sure you know this. Looks fine to me tho. :pirate:


Was it really confirmed he dyes it? Hmmmm must have forgotten that part somewhere down the line.


Have you seen his eyebrows?


That’s good point.


But I thought Karin dyes her hair too. She dyes her eyebrows as well?


Of course! She’s waaay more fashion forward than Ken :wink:


Plus her family is richer than Ken’s. She can afford the extra dye.


Are there any tutorials on modding SFV? Or are we waiting until release to open the flood gates?


Best to wait until release since we need to know how the final version reacts to modding. In the cracked beta a lot more is probably possible than normally would be.


skin editing only. send me a pm or add me on steam. Im releasing my stuff after release bc im pretty sure capcom is going to change stuff and I have to start over.





Can we get a regular uniform Ryu with a beard and badass scars?

I’m not sure why Capcom went with green hand wraps and average schmo hair when they gave him the beard in the Pre-Release costume


I already did bearded ryu no scars tho.


It looked good but needs scars!