SFV - PC: Working Fight Sticks without the use of 3rd party programms



My Quanba Q4RAF works perfectly on SFV on PC in xbox 360 mode. My Madcatz TES+ (PS3/PS4) works only with the use of x360ce which adds a little bit of lag.

I want to buy the Razer Atrox Gaming for Xbox one or the Hori Real Arcade Pro One Kai . Im reading a lot about the Razer-Stick not working properly on Windows 10. You have to install the xbox one drivers, but then you have to rewire the buttons, etc…
Obviously, you cant use Fight Sticks for Xbox One on Windows 10 (and in SFV) out of the box. The PS4-ones also require 3rd party programms.** So are the only sticks working then the Xbox 360 ones?**

BTW.: Did Microsoft by chance put out a new driver for Xbox One controllers for Windows 10 with the release of Killer Instinct on PC?

The current situation with supported Fight Sticks for SFV on Windows 10 is so intransparent. It makes it really hard for me to know which stick to buy… . I know i have the working Quanba but i want a new stick. And the existing threads for example on reddit which list working sticks dont help, because i know there are sticks missing on these lists which work and others that dont work on all systems.

Thank you for your answers and sry for my english :slight_smile:


No, they didn’t. If you would go and contact Microsoft they say its not their concern and you need to contact Razer.
If you contact Razer they state that their products are only intended to work on the consoles they are designed for.

It’s a lose-lose scenario, and nether Microsoft nor Razer cares if you can use arcade sticks on the PC or not.

My suggestion for you and Street Fighter V is get an arcade stick advertised as Xinput compatible for PC use.


In the SF5 forum, there’s an xinput program that can create an xinput compatible driver for dinput devices like PS3 and PS4 devices. I don’t have the thread atm and I’m not in a good mood right now, but people were saying that it had less input lag than X360 CE.

Look for Xoutput.

The one problem with that program is, there’s still NO way whatsoever to map the dpad/hat switch to analog inputs, which would help for some annoying primitive games that refuse to see the hat switch as a valid input, but thankfully, those games tend to be old and don’t use input anyway. In that case, you can use XBCD or Joy2key. That’s irrelevant for the general use of this program-making directinput ps3/ps4 pads and other controllers to work as an xinput device.


Thank you Darksakul and Falkentyne for your answers!

One hope still exists: Maybe Capcom adds directinput support for the game at some point… .

Edit: I just found out that madcatz has put out new drivers for their fight sticks to add xinput support for SV5. since i have the TES+ i will try this when the support-site is working again to at least use the madcatz stick on pc.

Edit 2 : I downloaded and installed the new madcatz drivers for their sticks and they work. i can play SV5 with my TES+ now (but it still lags a bit i think).