SFV PS4 legacy controller compatible sticks/PCBs (see first post)


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+1 vote for the Qanba Q4 RAF being added to the working list.

Just tried mine (in PS3/PC mode), and it worked like a charm.

Going to change the stick and buttons tonight, so I’ll post pics of the PCB then. =)

PCB Image Added:


The Q4raf version that works is the final single PCB version that IS common ground, that has the chip in the middle of the PCB. (Also the one that works with LED mods for the trigger buttons).

The one with EPOXY in the middle might not work.

This one is the epoxy version (the one that has issues with LED mods)


This one is common ground:


I keep reading that the RAP3 works with PS4 and SFV.
It’s not working for me.
Is there a setting I’m suppose to change?

Thank you


It doesn’t look like anyone had confirmed the TE1 Round 2 sticks work. I have two of them and so far none have been detected. Has anyone been able to make them work?


I’ve put in a ticket to Madcatz support and this is all they said: “The Round2 Fight Stick was designed for PS3, It will not be compatible with PS4”. I guess the message there is they’re not gonna bother supporting the older units.

Still no one had a Round 2 and have success with it?


According to the first post, it seems to imply that all TE1s work, but it’s pretty vague.

I dunno why you’d contact Mad Catz, they have nothing to do with this; it’s not about whether or not they support it.
The situation here is whether or not SFV supports it, so it’s technically more of a Capcom thing.

I happen to have an unmodded TE Rnd2 that a friend gave me to mod last week, so I’ll give it a shot if I have some time later.


That is how manufacturers are; Mad Catz, Hori, Exar, ect. If they build and design a controller only for X system they aren’t going to even support system Y even if the controller should work with Y.
It’s basic avoiding liability, everyone does this. The original mad Catz PS3 TE came out in 2009, its 2016 now, that is a very long time in the game industry. Usually console generations only last 5 or 6 years.

Mad Catz don’t even support their PS3 controllers working on the PC (as they were never built with that intent) why would anyone think they work with the PS4?

The whole Sony allowing 3rd party controller drivers for specialized controllers policy which leads to the legacy controllers as been great, but Capcom botch the implementation of the drivers.
Drivers that were community made and crowd source to begin with (not to undermine the awesome efforts of Zero Labs and the initial drivers).

If you really want native PS4 support you need a controller (or controller PCB) that the PS4 supports naively.


Thanks. I actually have a Brook adapter coming but wanted to try out the legacy support in case it saves me some money. It was just weird to me that a Round2 TE1 would not work considering that everyone with a TE1 is saying theirs worked fine. I wondered if there was something unique to the R2 units that made it different from the rest. The ticket was just out of curiosity in case this is a known issue on Madcatz site in the hardware perspective. In looking for answers it usually falls back to the manufacturer that’s why I’ve contacted their support first.



Just tested with a selfmade arcade stick, no particular lag issues, even online.
I have the single player PCB (http://www.xin-mo.com/single-player-controller.html), but I expect the 2 players one to work as well.

You have to press the “MODE” button (one of the pcb’s factory input options) to have the X/Y axis recognized. All the rest works out of the box.


Sorry for the necro, but does anybody know if the old Mayflash universal ps2/ps3/PC boards, or the Teensy 2.0 generic USB HID boards work on PS4 SFV legacy? I don’t have a PS4 myself but my friend wants me to make him a PS4 stick.


Teensy, probability not (really depends on the code written).
The Teensy said to be blocked on the PS3 because of people trying to jail break it.

I strongly doubt that the Teensy is one of the boards that Lab Zero had in mind when they first written the original USB legacy driver.
Unless you get the Teensy to mimic an existing compatible board I doubt it would work.

You are better off with one of these installed inside of your stick. It is only $10 more than the Teensy 3.6 .


Tried playing SFV on my arcadestick (equipped with a ps360+, ver. 1.66) couple nights ago, worked fine at first. Then no signal after (I’ll guess) 10 minutes. Wouldn’t register inputs, but didn’t give the “controller disconnected” message either until I physically unplugged it.

Replugged, same scenario. Works fine for ps3/pc. I’m guessing a latest software update from PlayStation and lack of support for ps360+?

Unless something on my end. Anyone else getting the same scenario?


Are you using legacy mode? (sfv options -> other options -> legacy blah)


Ps360 has a ps4 mode that will work on any ps4 game, but it will time out after 8 minutes due to security protocols. There’s a button combination that does a soft reset (can’t recall off the top of my head, look it up) so you don’t have to physically disconnect it. To get it to work in legacy mode, follow the usual directions for a legacy controller, and hold 1p (light punch) while plugging the controller in to force ps3 mode. Newer firmware has the device defaulting to ps3 mode when plugging into a ps4, but forcing it will do the same thing anyways.


Gummowned’s Dual Strike SMD works in legacy as well.


Yeah, I had to go through the “legacy authentication”. Working like a charm. Thanks for helping a noob :#


I have a homemade stick with the Zero Delay PCB and it works with KOF XIV but not with SFV, despite authenticating on both.

First time I tried, neither the stick nor the buttons worked. Tried a second time and only the attack buttons were working.


Anyone know if the retro-bit dual link usbs work?


Not really