SFV PS4 legacy controller compatible sticks/PCBs (see first post)

Sorry, just wanted to confirm. When you mention the MadCatz TE, do you mean the first gen as well that uses UHCI? I only ask because I have that one, and it’s a pain to use it on my PC because it only supports the uncommon UHCI USB protocol, and that’s only for the first gen TE fightsticks.

I believe it’s the non ps2 version that they’re getting working. I bought sfv on pc, can’t test firsthand.

I have two PS360+ with firmware 1.66.

I had both working simultaneously in SF5 Versus mode on PlayStation 4. I only briefly tested it by myself. I don’t test for lag but it seemed to respond great as it normally does.

Yes the SMD was checked, if you have the ChImp classic, please let us know what your results are.

Soul Edition and TE:S was checked. I dont have a 1stGen TE, however the 1stGen SE worked fine.

ZD rematch and ZD USB are 2 different PCBs, please confirm which one isn’t working for you.

Does the driver add lag? Would like to know if I can just hook up my PS3 rd1 TE can be done with it.

Sorry, I’ll have to delay the test. Swamped with homework for tonight.

How bout you test it for your self and tell us.

We know Pablo has a stick from their earlier statement. I am unsure if Pablo has the game myself. So that could be the basis for their inquiry. If Pablo does have the game then I think your point is equally valid. In the end I feel lag has a certain amount of subjectivity to it. I say this as some may prefer a miniscule delay. One may technically be more responsive in a timeline but that doesn’t necessarily make everyone or even anyone play better or worse. It’s what works for each individual and feels better for them.

The concern about lag is not even the topic here, were just going down the list of what sticks are tested and proven to work, no more and no less.
We also have to factor the SF V game is still releasing updates and patch fixes, and will continue to do so for a long while.

Also keep in mind all the contributors to Tech Talk’s mountain of knowledge is all volunteer, community base with people tacking subjects on their own time. No one here does Tech Talk Full Time.

As I understood it people from the Evo staff themselves are reviewing this and seeing what Capcom does in the next few months. There was an article on SRK home page that was later taken down as the announcement was premature. So there is some actual concern. If we hear nothing about it then it’s an non-issue as most likely Evo felt it’s not worth mentioning. If they make another announcement we worry about it when it comes.


Correct, I would agree with that this thread is not about lag. There is an exhaustive discussion in another thread regarding stick by themselves. If there is a separate thread specifically related to the SG driver adding or changing it, I cannot say.

I was trying to make sure I understood what was Pablo asking about. That would be, if there was lag with the driver (not does it work, per this thread’s topic). Your reply I interpreted as looking at him to test the lag, as that specifically is what he asked about. I would agree, all should test for whatever they want to do. Functionality, lag, etc. These forums are to help each other and by and large I think most do.

Following up on your Evo comments, I agree with you there too. That will be interesting as it will affect everyone that attends positively or negatively we have yet to see. :slight_smile:

Could use more input on untested sticks and clarification on the ZD USB (possible working when mode is switched).

Mayflash and other Qanbas need tested too.
Injustice stick? (lol I gave mine away)

I can confirm the original PS360 works by the authentication mode. I have it installed in my custom cabinet and it works fine.

thank you for the input

I have a TES PS3 stick, it does not work on PS4 SFV.

my TE:S works… thats odd.
Not to insult you, but did you go to options/more options and hit the legacy detect? I have found that sometimes I can leave a stick plugged in and it sees it, other times I have to plug it in after I have hit the detect option

Correction on the Zero Delay boards: the original yellow USB only board works, the ps2/ps3/pc model (green board, the “rematch”) does not. Tested on USF4 and either input mode (D-pad or LS) works, reports are that you need to toggle the mode for directions to work in SFV.

Thanks for clearing that up.

It works.

I gutted mine right away.

Chiming in that I’ve tested the following, and they work fine, no noticeable lag (eye test only):

[] ChImp SMD (PCB is in a American style case with a Perfert360 stick, so Optical + SF5 = :joy: ) (Already confirmed by @ed1371 )
] Cerberus, mine isn’t updated to the most recent patch, it’s whatever firmware the PCB ships with, if that helps (Already confirmed by @ed1371 )
[] PS3 MadCatz MvC2 TE (I’m pretty sure this is a first gen TE PCB with the funky UHCI protocols)
] XBox360/PS3 eTokki Omni Rev. 3 works
[*] iBuffalo SNES USB Gamepad doesn’t work (controller recognized, but the d-pad is X-Y Axis type is you can’t move :cry: )[/list]

Got a PS3 Sega VSHG & a PS3 Qanba Q2 still to test.

I saw someone mention that they didn’t want to test their PS2 to PS3 adapters on their PS4. Why? Any danger of damaging your equipment if you do this, I’ve got a bunch of adapters I wanna try?