SFV Ranked Matches biggest failure


The biggest failure SFV ranked matches is the fact you can’t see who you are playing before you accept. In SFIV ragequitting was less of an issue because is someone ragequit on you or got Wolfkrone famous for rage quitting then you could simply refuse to take the match. Even if Capcom does not want to go back to the old way of knowing who you play, there should be an in game list of people you faced and if someone quit on you, you should be able to block them so you never get matched up with them. Way better then uploading retarded videos and waiting for someone at Capcom to remove league Points.


its a doubleedged sword.
instead to just ragequit ingame people could just avoid stronger players that way to level up.

i for myself would like to at least see where the person i got matched with comes from because there
are countrys i get laggy matches with no matter what the bars say.


Searching the internet to know if a player is a RQ or not is not a good way to fix the rage quitting.

We are in 2016, multiplayer games (serious ones) have punishment for toxic player and babies, childish kids.
At the moment, capcom with his online is stuck at first day SFIV. Is not refined but basic, so people just abuse his lacks of depth.
You fight people way to far from your league, there is not a good ladder system overall…
There is a mmr in this game? You can’t define a player only by points, online games need a system to better judge a player’s skill, and i am talking about hidden mmr and other things that companies like Blizzard or Valve does.

To fix the RQ problem, just create a low priority league, a cybernetic hell to send rage quitters to rage against each other.


Except in SF4 you could choose "Only people stronger than me/Same Strength"ect to avoid people blowing you out of the water. They should just allow both, one for people headhunting and another for people like me; who turn on the game, turn on fight requests then do other shit in their rooms while waiting for a match.


You should not be able to choose who you fight in ranked, if you want to choose do battle lounge. Every competitive game that exist right now don’t give you any choice on who you fight in ranked.

RQ is an issue because Capcom are retarded and didn’t do any punishment for it.


There is no one biggest failure. The entire system is a giant load of failure. The only thing better is the netcode. Otherwise, we’ve gone back to the Stone Age of ranked play. No list of opponents to choose from, dreadfully long search times, and no skill filtering abilities. To quote the Angry Video Game Nerd, “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???”


This is just wrong. In every online competitive game you are not forced to face someone who is thousands of points higher than you. LoL, Dota, CS:GO. All of these match you up with players close to your rank, MMR, whatever. This game does not and forces newbies to face high level players.


Once rage quitters are forced to take a loss it won’t be a problem anymore.


Yes because Capcom matchmaking sucks. They should improve it for sure but it doesn’t mean you should be able to straight up choose by nickname who you want to face.


I have great Rank matches - Yes at time the netcode is terrible but overall satisfactory