SFV Ranking System


How does the ranking system work? It says I’m rank 550 but I have more League points than the person ranked 50th. Is it just that the servers are borked?

Also, what’s with the “Lvl” of characters? I’ve seen terrible people with no league points and their characters are ranked over Lvl 100.


You can level characters in single player. Story mode and survival toss out XP like candy.


I don’t understand the ranking system at all.

I have a friend that has half of the win points I have in ranked matches but his rank is like 50000 places higher than me.


You sure you’re not mixing up character level with player level? I’m player level 138 right now just from doing story mode with all characters. I’ve also done survival on easy with R. Mika. And I’ve used R. Mika, Chun-Li, Laura and Rashid a bit in casual matches. I’ve not touched ranked mode and I’m not all that good. My highest level character is R. Mika at level 16.


The ranking system is messed up right now, the Lifetime Points are correct but positioning on the leaderboards are not.

Each Account has a level and each Character has a level, you get exp for doing single player modes. This EXP goes towards your Account Level and the current Character that you are using. Most Characters can hit Level 8 on story mode alone, do a few survivals and you can almost reach Level 20. You get a trophy or achievement when reaching Level 30 on one Character. All Character EXP is totaled on your Account, so you can reach Level 130 by doing all the story modes with each Character. You also get a trophy or achievement when you reach Level 200. Have fun.


i completed a 30 man survival mode and my lvl went up from 6 all the way up to 167


Character level = each character has a ‘level’ associated with them. You get exp based on how often you play them, and even single players/survival will give you exp.

Player level = combination of all your character levels

LP = league point. this is your deciding factor of your online rank

Rank = your global standing, but it’s not updated often. same reason when you search yourself in ranking, it won’t show updated league points for you


the way I look at it is rank points are a all round measure how well someone is ‘out of all the current players’ at specifically ranked match’s.

50k rank points isn’t that far apart at all especially if your around rank 250K, it matters more when you get to the lower ranks with the pro’s though I believe because theres less people in the lower ranks but if you go to the rankings to your rank and try to scroll to your friends rank it may take a min because theres a lot of people in that rank

League Poionts (LP) is a measure of how often you’ve won ranked match’s reciently.

your LVL is a measure of how much you have played that character in all the exp earning modes, I think that includes all of them except trials and practice; so its basically a measure of how familiar someone is with that character. But this doesn’t mean someone who has a high lvl is going to play awesome with that character, It may take someone longer to learn one character over another, if their over lvl 100 they prolly have beaten all the survivals with that character at a guess. Generally a persons highest lvl character is going to be their favorite/most played character.