SFV should include tutorial training mode!


“That’s the way you hit them. That’s the way you win”

I feel that for Capcom to attract new beginner players, they need to include a tutorial training mode, to get these players from beginner to novice or intermediate AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. AS SOON AS FUCKING POSSIBLE. Provide some sort of basic understanding of the game. Make it interactive with drills.

A 100% practical focus - No stupid link training. No stupid impractical combos.


  • Blocking drills
  • Throw Tech drills
  • Execution trainer
  • Punishment drills
  • Mix-up drills
  • Whiff punishment drills

Have a general tutorial and then a more character specific tutorial.

For the execution trainer:

  • A built in training wheel method approach to execution: Example: Stage 1: Shoryuken, Stage 2: Shoryuken EXFA. Stage 3: Shoryuken EXFA, Forward dash … etc

Also make it so, you can learn at your own pace. Like choose how in-depth you want to go, casual, professional, beginner, to include frame data or not, etc


I would suggest tutorial training to be about 5 hours, like you move along a world map, charting your progress.

That would be pretty amazing, but don’t ask too much of Capcom, we just need them to release a game that works out of the box with a good netcode, this is Street Fighter, it doesn’t even have to be a good game, it will still be the most played game in the FGC, those are the only two things i ask of them, it’s really gotten to this point. Asking for luxury things like this just makes the first two things i said above less likely, Capcom can’t handle many task at once, gotta keep it easier for them, but great idea.

Copy -> Paste Skullgirls Training mode + Tutorials is what almost every FG should do. Even if you don’t like SG art or gameplay the fact is that tutorials and training mode they did 100% perfect.

How long does it take to get someone from ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to novice or intermediate?

And then try to cut that time in HALF! Or dare I say QUARTER it.

Unless you have a teacher, friend or trainer or help. This is an area that Capcom needs to PUSH.

They need to 1. Advertise the game. 2. Train the flocks. 3. Arcade machine access.

Building up the fan base, by providing training is key.

Imagine, non Japanese nations with Nesica gaming cards? Imagine, multiple event tournaments, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, character specific - the likes of WSOP.

As awesome as the nesica idea may be I think it’d be hard to propose it to Europe/American Capcom given the costs of maintaining the network vs the low interest in arcades these days meaning they likely wouldn’t make back the investment. Not enough arcades would buy one, especially given the MUCH cheaper option of a PS4 / Decent PC setup. Hell, many japanese arcades are struggling these days, the one Momochi and Chocoblanka frequent just shutdown.

How sad. Q.Q Not another one! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh’

If Capcom plans to make SF5 esports (which they already said they want to), they need to turn casual players into competitive players. NOT having a great tutorial would seem counter-intuitive to that goal.

One would think it goes without saying ANY game in today’s industry, a tutorial should be a mandate. But this is Capcom we’re talking about. Hell I still can’t understand how SF4 and MVC3 was made without one.

At the time when SFIV came out, most fighting games had a “tutorial”. It was called a game manual. Granted, it’s not great, but it does tell you what the system mechanics do (The manuals did help me out in T6 & MvC3) . MvC3 should of seen a tutorial of some sort. The game was drastic different, it would help everyone a bit. After Marvel 3 release, we saw new fighting games have tutorials; e.g. KoFXIII, Skullgirls, Tekken Tag 2, DoA5, and even SFxT had one. My point is that Capcom didn’t had a reason at the time to include a tutorial when manuals were still a thing.

At this point though, Capcom has no reason not to include a tutorial. How good should it be though? I would like to see it come close too or better than Skullgirl’s tutorial.

KOF13’s and SFxT’s tutorials are lackluster at best IMO. Haven’t played TT2 or DoA5 to comment on those.

Don’t forget Xrds tutorials, I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about them. Including stuff like teaching about teching and OSes and doing more than just saying “ok tech 3x now” without explaining what you’re doing like some tutorials is even better. I mean telling people to do something isn’t the same as teaching them why/when/how to do them. You can show someone the proper input for a DP but that doesn’t explain where it is best utilized.

Think. Rosetta Stone. All 100% interactive and practical.

We need to get EVERYONE, including ABSOLUTE ZERO, ready for Wednesday Night Fights!

And the faster Capcom does this, the more it wins!

If that’s too much for Capcom, at least, allow for online apprenticeships. Like your a strong Ryu, you can train other fellow Ryus, in a master-apprenticeship relationship.
Users create their own interactive trainer, and they input into the training dummy. You could then download Snake Eyez, into the training dummy etc.

Think Daigo’s Dojo. Where he apprenticeships, a few players. And then you could create “schools”. etc etc

In essence, Mentorship

Skullgirls, GGxrd, KI, they all have really good tutorial modes and are pretty indepth and most of all, practical.
The trials in SF were trials…challenges, they were anything but practical, mostly. It sent the wrong message to newcomers. I REALLY hope Capcom will go above and beyond if they’ll add a tutorial mode and challenge mode.
They should also even make character specific tutorials to get some basics down. Ofcourse the game will change during development so this might not be doable, but maybe eventually as a patch.

Would be cool if players themselves can upload new challenges. Blocking, hitconfirming, teching, punishing, anti-airing challenges and more. For this to even work Capcom would need a pretty expansive training option to allow for a LOT of different recording functions and even altering some functions such as how far CPU should stand from the other character. So i don’t think this will happen, atleast not this elaborate.

Anyway, Capcom should push the bar with this game for SP content and content to help players improve.

I think a tutorial is a great idea just don’t dumb the game down

As the only person I know of who has ever bothered to use a tutorial system, I conclude tutorial systems don’t contribute to the expedient development of a player.

You want a mentor? Find a good player.

You want to learn the mechanics or meta of a game? The internet and in game tutorials are here for the first, find a good player/mentor for the second.

The more time you spend away from playing people is more time you spend not learning how the game is ACTUALLY played, not how the developers want you to play.

As far as all the functionality involved in a fighting game is concerned, a quality tutorial is just a nice thing to have.

Since the release of SF4, fighting games have made leaps in improving their relationship with the casual gamer, like elaborate story modes, and sophisticated/practical training modes, sometimes merging the two in one whole experience. If Capcom hasn’t picked up on these things by now, they should, otherwise SF5 will surely not garner the same amount of attention SF4 got, which relied heavily on nostalgia to reel in the mainstream to begin with.

I agree, a tutorial mode would be benefitial.

Hell yes.
Also Training mode should contain all kinds of information too, show all that sweet stuff such as hitboxes display in Skullgirls and full framedata like in Dead or Alive 5.

Now days a good training mode should come standard, and should be as involved as MK or Killer instinct

AGREED! and also the trial mode should show you WHAT you did wrong (ie too slow for link… too fast… you should chain this… cancel wasn’t fast enough etc)

I agree. So should Tekken 7.