SFV STRATEGY... WhatsYourStoil



whats your general strategy for ranked? what do you find important to pay attention to in matches?

.main akuma
shooting for gold
i use a lot of jump delay and hang time until i can get in with lights or medium combos i use ex demonFlip and redFireball and Teleport for end game strategy. silvers seem to be like 50 50 weather or not they notice i land faster. gold guys see all my ground attacks but if they cant get a solid punish i think the quick land throws them off too… I’ve beaten some golds but i haven’t fought one since i started really paying attention to air game and footsies.


back to silver now I’m trying to negative edge my air fireballs

…pro tip negative edge… takes one level of variation out of your main “in” strat
*****don’t hold too long use the normal to make sure enemy isn’t expecting it.