SFV Throw System


This is how the throw system, as of last playable build, works.

Write-ups and detail.

You can tech before returning to neutral. In other words, you can tech while recovering and if the opponent does nothing, you tech won’t come out.


PS if you want some more things to test, try teching during move recovery. This used to work in SFIV, but only with some normals and specials. This made it impossible to punish some moves with throws.

I know, dude. I did a video on that too.


I even linked your vid!

What I’m saying is that pre-teching works in SFV. You said it doesn’t:

If you hit the throw tech during the 2F period you would normally be able to pre-tech, the throw will just come out in SFV. From my testing, the SFV input buffer doesn’t allow for you to tech without the throw coming out. You can tech before you’re hit with the throw that is true, but only because the game lets you input throws in recovery due to the buffer, and it’s only teching because you’re technically in the first frame of startup of your throw when their meaty grab has connected.

If I’m wrong dude, then I’m all ears but I couldn’t ever get it to work without the throw coming out.

I tested on wakeup but the results are unreliable. I suspect that the training mode display has the same bug as SFIV where sometimes the inputs only display 1f later. This makes it hard to test the behaviour of the buffer system. If I jab on the same frame that I input a tech frame in that video, sometimes the jab comes out, sometimes it doesn’t. From a purely arithmetic perspective, the longer startup of throws makes SFIV-style preteching impossible (unless we factor in shifted throw break windows). However, it is still possible to tech before returning to neutral without having a throw animation. You can test this by teching a meaty throw right before you land. If the opponent doesn’t throw, there won’t be any throw animation.

Yes, that is 100% correct.

It’s in there in some way, but the benefits that made it a strong technique previously are not there.

You can do airtech, but this is because you’re inputting the throw tech during the landing recovery of a whiffed jumping normal, but before the input buffer so that the throw doesn’t come out. I’m assuming the game checks the five frames during the startup of the opponent’s throw for the tech, during which you can ‘hide’ the tech in the early frames of landing recovery.

I hated how tech-throwing worked in SFIV. I hope it’s better this time around.

Back dash is the new throw tech. :slight_smile:

But your back dash gets crush countered with an attack.

I like the line that V is taking. Forcing players to V-Read and V-Commit

Hopefully there’s enough depth in the game, to adjust the size of your bet. Table stakes please.

The grounded frames are normal hittable state. The air portion of it is indeed coutner hittable).

Means you’ll always get an air crush counter (so far).

I’m a little late to the discussion, but I can confirm there is that training mode bug where the input shows up 1f later than normal. I noticed this several times while compiling everyone’s frame data.

How do the airborne frames work, are you airborne on the first frame or is there start-up?

Teching on this game feels really similar to 3s, sf4 has me doing really scrubby and bad things when it comes to teching.

You’re grounded for x frames o startup and then airborne. If you do a meaty on someone you’ll notice they get normal hit if they backdash.

Sfiv also has grounded frames at the end but this is hard to test in sfv since theres no invincibility.

I’d also guess the amount of frames varies per character, like in Sfiv.

Sounds like backdashing is pretty bad compared to iv. throw techs do seem to happen faster.

Well back dashing should be “risky”. If your opponent gets inside (presumably where he wants to be) then your options to escape should have some risk to it. You should not get a free escape.

*disclaimer I am not talking about any other SF mechanics so please don’t bring that garbage to me. this is only concerning SFV.

@nevillebamshew You should do a video when the game comes out of throw ranges. Also, can you explain this, I’ve seen it a lot of time. When someone walks up for a throw they miss but the other person reacts and throw them instead?

I don’t get this. When going frame by frame with a 3f jab there’s a frame of animation, then the input shows up, followed by another frame of animation and finally, on the fourth frame the jab hits. But that would make it a 4f jab. So, when you have a move that’s -3, you’d need a move that will hit on the third frame in order to punish it, and a 3f jab wouldn’t make it in time (as it would actually be a 4f jab), except that it does. It’s like there’s a built in 1f input delay when you do a move in neutral, but it also has a frame of animation. I don’t get it. If i could set up keyboard macros I’d try to find out if it counts as a CH if you get hit on the frame before the input shows up.

People give me shit for trying to compare the game to 3S or ST or A3 but really SFV has a serious old school vibe in a lot of what it is doing.

@melflomil your throwable hurtbox moves forward during a whiff animation (check decapre.com/watch)