SFV What Heppened?


When watching SFV, and from what I can tell, it looks like the game revolves too much around mid-ragne, 50/50s, and loops. I am curious to know what exactly did change in SFV that made the game so much different than SFIV (or even SFII if you will) in terms of basics and gameplay?!


Yeah, what the hell heppened?


the game so incomplete it needed another beta after a year of being released


They didn’t make another SFIV to begin with.


It’s like, it’s a totaly different game and not SFIV 2.0
I wonder how that could happen.


eSporst heppened.


Feels more like a rushdown game in contrary to all other SF games


It is enjoy that rush down boi!


Eh I would like to argure about this.
It’s not like rushdown wasn’t a thing in any SF game.
If I watch japanese ST streams, they’re most of the time full on the offence or Alpha 2 streams, there is the same picture.


Ono happened.

The end.


So, you see, wha ha heppened was …


S1 was all rushdown and not much neutral game. Now, partly due to changes and partly people becoming more aware S2 is a lot more footsie oriented and neutral.

The game was always more about reading the real player, not just executing your go-to mixups. Every time I’ve gone through cycles of hating the game, I eventually have a breakthrough and realize I wasn’t playing right.

With that said, my opinion that the game is better than every other SF game is just my opinion. If you don’t like the game, that’s valid too and the solution is to not play it.