SFV - When a user with pc vsync off meet a user with a ps4 (online)


what happens?

I see a tons of discussions about that but no clear answer.

Obviously I refer to 5f vs 8f and if the pc user has an advantage


Nothing. The PC player might simply be able to react to a little more stuff than the PS4 players.
I’m on PC and I play regularly against people who turned v-sync off. There is literally no difference for me and the matches are perfectly smooth. There’s hardly any reason to think this would change against a PS4 player.


This may be the reason I cringe playing vs PC players, some pc players seem to have a godlike reaction ability. If they are getting 3extra frames to react to what I’m doing then that explains a lot of bs. Time to switch to PS only matches


Reaction advantage is widely exaggerated imho. As I said, my opponents that turned v-sync off still have a hard time reacting to what I do even when I’m negative. Also most PC players don’t even think of fiddling with the game files for various reasons.


I single PC players out, i play only with PS4 players.


It means I still body them.


Even if there were a slight advantage, I like the challenge. Challenge makes you get better.