(SFV) Will we ever get an option to message people after a Ranked/Casual Match?


I just played against a Ken that kept doing regular DPs on wakeup and I wanted to tell him so bad that he shouldn’t do it. I don’t think he’ll ever check any guides to learn from his mistakes because he just wants to play, and he’s right.
Now hear me out: When you’re playing basketball or soccer and your team loses, unless you’re playing with a bunch of jerks, you’re gonna get most of the time instant feedback on the things you did and how you could improve them, you might be criticised too but that’s part of the game; you don’t part ways silently and get back to the house to check on youtube guides on how to dribble or land 3 point shots (I mean checking on guides is always good but you don’t rely solely on it, that’s mental).

I think agreeing to both sending and receiving messages should be a turn on/off feature. We could learn SO MUCH from each other when playing and it would help lessen salt levels greatly because for once you would get instant feedback on why you lost. It IS good to have solid introspection but you also need the other side of the coin, know what I mean?

I think angry and salty messages would only be a slight drawback to a feature that would ascend the online community. What do you think?




I personally think it would be a great idea, but a young player could get offended and quit which isnt good. I think it boils down to the maturity of the player, if they can take criticism. If it was me, hell yeah say you didnt tech throws or use your anti air enough blah blah lol.


That’s right! And if a player gets quickly offended he can just turn it off so he doesn’t receive any messages.