SFV - Your Character Choice

Only 10 poll options - if you pick an OR please comment which one and why you like them.

Polls are forbidden.

It seems to be enabled on the site, maybe that feature cannot be disabled?

Apologies, I can/will satisfy my poll desires elsewhere.


They are usually needless duplicates of earlier discussions that don’t provide anything other than fruitless flame wars of opinion.

Fruitless flame wars are forbidden on srk? How on earth did i miss that?

I see, on the flip side they can be very fun, constructive and informative.

Perhaps the SRK powers may consider only forbiddng things based on content or malevolent intent?


We already have two threads for this. No need for a third one, especially with yet another poll

@d3v can explain this further if necessary but if you take the time to read the forum rules:

[details=Spoiler]2. The following threads do not belong here.

  • Threads asking us to decide something for you or provide suggestions to you upon any issue of any sort. You being uncertain is not a reason for a thread, it’s a reason for you to do some homework.
  • Linkspam to other sites. SRK isn’t a site for links to other sites: have the discussion here. If you need to link to another site, have the discussion of that content here.
  • Redundant threads discussing topics that are already the subject of, or being discussed in an existing thread (i.e. threads for unconfirmed characters when we already have an existing character speculations thread).
  • Anything involving any sort of poll whatsoever.
  • Individual character request threads.
  • Obvious troll threads.
  • Balance threads. At least not until the game has actually be released.
    All threads not conforming to this will be locked and the creator infracted.[/details]

While those are not forbidden and are in fact rampant, polls tend to be throwing gasoline on the fire.

Pretty sure it came packaged with a lot of other crap with the vanilla forum migration. Like how we got emojis in place of the smilies.
At least we got :coffee: and :nunchuck: back.

This is my favorite:

Because it recognizes the fact that trolling, like any other art, is only good when it’s skillful and subtle.

Well, i’ve always thought that Putting Out The Fire was SRK’s theme song.

Pity it was abused and frowned upon, it’s a nice feature having built in poll ability.

It’s bullshit anyways.
Prohibiting bad threads just moves the crappy posts to the big crappy threads.
Poll threads and shit threads usually die by themselves anyways and making stupid rules against them is basically saying that we are stupid fucks that don’t know how to ignore a bad thread or how to keep a good one active.

Moderation on internet forums is dumb anyways. If there were no ad bots moderators would be completely useless.
It’s just people forcing opinions on other people for no good reason.

I mean it makes sense in the strategy sections where you want to keep information as organized as possible, but in a forum for an unreleased game? meh…

Word. I figured people are still checking out/exploring characters, since its not released yet.

But this is already done here if you didn’t see it, like me

Why do we have yet another thread like this, and yet another poll as well?

As the rules state. Poll threads are not allowed. A few poll threads wer given special dispensation to exist. However, another poll that is exactly like an existing one isn’t needed.