SFXOL - Street Fighter Xbox Online League OFFICIAL THREAD



Sign ups now open

Season 1 begins 2/12/12…

Hello and welcome to the inaugural season of the SFXOL.

The league was designed for skilled players as well as new comers who are just trying to improve there game or just love Street Fighter.

The league will be broken down into two conferences West Coast and East Coast.
The conferences will be broken down into divisions of 6 with there being a champion placed at the top of the highest division the Elite division. We will have as many divisions as we have members, every time a new person joins they will be placed at the lowest ranking.

All Matches will be best 2 of out 3, three round matches unless it is a championship match in which it would move to best 3 out of 5.
Matches will follow Evo rules where you must stay with the same character if you win but you may switch your ultra between matches.
Report all matches to RD CombOeateR either through xbox live, SRK forum or email

The schedule will be broken down into two segments
divisional matches - which last two weeks and and will determine your seeding in your current division
challenge matches - which last one week and will allow you to do one of the following based on your ranking:
[]Challenge for the Championship
]Challenge for a higher ranking
[*]Defend your ranking spot
The schedule will flip from divisional matches followed by challenge matches followed by divisional matches and so on and so forth.

There will also be monthly tournaments which are not required but will have prizes. 1st place prize is the right to challenge anyone in the league for there ranking and 2nd place prize is the right to challenge anyone in your division for there ranking spot(If #1 rank you can challenge anyone in the division above yours). At the end of the season there will be a giant single elimination tournament lasting a couple weeks to determine the Grand Champion of the League.


[LEFT]Official Facebook Group[/LEFT]

Tri-City/Walla Walla Fight Club
SFCCL Season 3 (PS3 Online League)

Hey I’ve seen this somewhere before…


Good luck HADUKEN. Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance.


Lol i’ll probably hit you up soon for assistance just trying to follow the good SFCCL model.


We are filling up quickly in the Western Conference so join soon also still looking for more people on the East Coast.


This will also be the official thread for the league check here for schedule postings and updates. We are currently finalizing the schedule and it should be released by the end of the week.


Sites looking good so far. :smiley:


Can wait for the season to begin ! Lets all go hard or go home =]


Just checking in. Can’t wait to get rolling. I’m very excited about meeting some top notch fighters and up my game. Good luck to everyone participating.


[LEFT]The official Rules and Format have been finalized please read up and make sure you understand how the league will be ran if you have any questions feel free to email me and I will clear things up. The schedule is close to finalized. Although the season doesn’t start till 2/12 Gold and Silver divisions may begin playing there matches as they have already been posted. Please stay tuned for the official release of the final schedule[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Also If I have not gotten you email please send it to me via sfxonlineleague@gmail.com or through xbox live[/LEFT]



[LEFT]Official Facebook Group[/LEFT]


Top PP and BP and have been added to the members section of the website. I will try and update this portion of the website every two weeks. Please take a look and see how you placed.


Just signed up. Very excited to play some organized matches and improve my playing!


Glad to have you, very excited to get this thing underway


3v3 league would be ill!!!


Was thinking that earlier going to add that on the schedule


First Official Match Played

[LEFT]We have our first official match reported. LIL L90 beats BBOYRICKSTER in the East Coast Elite Division. Although the season officially does not start till 2/12 you may begin to play your divisional matches now as most of the first two weeks of the schedule has been posted in the weekly schedule section of the website. However in the East Coast Elite division SilverXDemon may not be able to play his first divisional games due to an xbox malfuntion. Since the schedule has already be set up if he is unable to play this divisional period his matches will be forfeited. He will then be pulled from the league and set aside until he can return to play. When that time comes he will be immediately put back into league play. Lets keep the results coming in and hopefully some videos as well. [/LEFT]


[LEFT][SIZE=21px]West Coast Conference[/SIZE][/LEFT]

[LEFT]Week 1-3 Divisional Match Schedule[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Elite Division[/LEFT]
[LEFT]RD SuperGriff vs MoogleTee[/LEFT]
[LEFT]RD SuperGriff vs Phaze12490[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Rd SuperGriff vs Kam1k4ze[/LEFT]
[LEFT]RD SuperGriff vs El Remolino4[/LEFT]
[LEFT]MoogleTee vs Phaze12490[/LEFT]
[LEFT]MoogleTee vs Kam1k4ze[/LEFT]
[LEFT]MoogleTee vs El Remolino4[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Phaze12490 vs Kam1k4ze [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Phaze12490 vs El Remolino4[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Kam1k4ze vs El Remolino4[/LEFT]
[LEFT]All-Pro Divisions[/LEFT]
[LEFT]DonoisMcLovin vs flash house
DonoisMcLovin vs Ultimate Jake
DonoisMcLovin vs XxXxGUNZxXxX
DonoisMcLovin vs IronDrftr21
DonoisMcLovin vs PunkNDisordrly
flash house vs Ultimate Jake
flash house vs XxXxGUNZxXxX
flash house vs IronDrftr21
flash house vs PunkNDisordrly
Ultimate Jake vs XxXxGUNZxXxX
Ultimate Jake vs IronDrftr21
Ultimate Jake vs PunkNDisordrly
XxXxGUNZxXxX vs IronDrftr21
XxXxGUNZxXxX vs PunkNDisordrly
IronDrftr21 vs PunkNDisordrly[/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=5][SIZE=21px]East Coast Conference[/SIZE][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]Week 1-3 Divisional Match Schedule[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Elite Division[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Lockon XI vs DevilishMark0[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Lockon XI vs Setsuna XI[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Lockon XI vs SilverXDemon[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Lockon XI vs GiveMeYourSpine [/LEFT]
[LEFT]DevilishMark0 vs Setsuna XI[/LEFT]
[LEFT]DevilishMark0 vs SilverXDemon[/LEFT]
[LEFT]DevilishMark0 vs RATED R U C[/LEFT]
[LEFT]DevilishMark0 vs GiveMeYourSpine[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Setsuna XI vs SilverXDemon[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Setsuna XI vs RATED R U C[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Setsuna XI vs GiveMeYourSpine[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SilverXDemon vs RATED R U C[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SilverXDemon vs GiveMeYourSpine[/LEFT]
[LEFT]RATED R U C vs GiveMeYourSpine[/LEFT]
[LEFT]All-Pro Divisions[/LEFT]
[LEFT]BBOYRICKSTER vs Draman Kuritani[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Draman Kuritani vs LIL L90 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Draman Kuritani vs Juice2403 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Draman Kuritani vs enochQC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Draman Kuritani vs Thamanator [/LEFT]
[LEFT]LIL L90 vs Juice2403 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]LIL L90 vs enochQC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]LIL L90 vs Thamanator [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Juice2403 vs enochQC[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Juice2403 vs Thamanator [/LEFT]
[LEFT]enochQC vs Thamanator [/LEFT]
[LEFT]LIL L90 (1-0)[/LEFT]
These Matches can also be found under the weekly schedule on the website.


West Coast Pro Division Schedule

Pro Division
Chaotic Flea vs RD CombOeateR
Chaotic Flea vs V e g a M a n 2
RD CombOeateR vs V e g a M a n 2
rushton21 vs V e g a M a n 2
rushton21 vs Chaotic Flea
rushton21 vs RD CombOeateR
imakugotnext vs Chaotic Flea
imakugotnext vs RD CombOeateR
imakugotnext vs rushton21
imakugotnext vs V e g a M a n 2
Sweet Poison vs Chaotic Flea
Sweet Poison vs RD CombOeateR
Sweet Poison vs rushton21
Sweet Poison vs imakugotnext


So you have to win 3rds in one match instead of 2rds? Is this debateable? I mean even in major tourneys you dont even see this. This was probably my biggest gripe with Sal’s league. Let me know.