SFXOL - Street Fighter Xbox Online League OFFICIAL THREAD



lol I send out hate mail in good fun. I love you join the league, peace on earth :wink:


Oh Kitori are we not speaking now you know I love you


I remember when we were young Kitori and you used to ignore me all the time. not fair


7-10 PM PST

First match
(All-Pro Division 2-4) EOT 00000100 vs (Amateur Division 3-2) SWITCHIPEDE
EOT 00000100 From Boston, MA - Main Hakan/Chun-Li
Swithipede - Main - Ken, From New york

Second Match
(Elite Division 7-2) El Remolino4 vs NGDrfitwood (Rookie Division 4-2)
El remolino - hometown-san leandro CA Main Fighter - Ken
Driftwood From Arizona Main Fei-Long

Third Match
(Elite Division 7-2) Draman Kuritani vs (East Coast Champion 8-1 ) LIL L90
LIL L90 From Michigan Main Bison
Draman Kuritani - Main - Cody From Pennslyvania

Fourth match
(Pro Division 3-2) DRS|MCZ Professor Rouse vs (Amateur Division 1-3) DRS|MCZ Doctor Rouse
Twins From South Dakota
Doctor Rouse Mains Sakura
Professor Rouse Mains Cammy


Stream Schedule 6-9 PM PST

Match One
[Elite Division ]Draman Kuritani (8-2) vs [Pro Division]SWITCHIPEDE (3-2)

Match Two
West Coast vs East Coast
West[Amateur Division] Mr SNK (4-0) vs East[All-Pro Division] ZoMBIEGUTZ TZA (2-1)

Match Three
[All-Pro Division] RD CombOeateR (6-1) vs [Pro Division] Doctor Rouse (3-5)

Match 4
[Elite Division] XxXxGUNZxXxX (7-0) vs [Elite Division Champion] JG Veloc1raptor (10-0)


We will be having a survivor series style tournament Friday 4/13 starting at 5 p.m. PST. If you wish to participate in the tournament please be online at that time and send me a message stating that you would like to play. The tournament will be a double elimination tournament. Each person will select 4 characters that they can play in any order against there opponents 4 characters. First person to eliminate the other persons 4 characters moves on to the next round. If you win you must stay with the same character until the match has completed. You can switch your teams characters between matches as well. If you have any questions feel free to give me an email.




Is it too late to join, or do I have to wait for the next one?


We are in our season ending tournament now but I may be able to squeeze you in are you from east or west coast and what is your gamertag


My gamertag is SodaPopinski3. And I’m on the east coast.
If you’re in your tournaments, I can wait till the next season starts, no prob.


Sounds good you can add as many members as you like in the meantime and get some exhibition matches in. I also usually have an endless lobby open at night for league members.

RD CombOeateR


Sorry we couldn’t connect on XBL. My connection doesn’t stretch that far I guess. Anyway, Should I add the players from the Amateur Division, cause I know I wouldn’t last 10 sec. against anyone else higher.


Yes that would be a good idea


The first ever National Champion has been crowned in the SFXOL. Your new National Champion and current West Coast Champion - Flash House.(Blanka) Sign ups for season 2 are now open. If you have hopes of dethroning Flash House please sign up now.


finally…i just signed up n theres no one else in the amateur division soooo…?


hey can I get in on this?


League still active? looking to play some more organized matches in the near future now that i actually have the time.




awesome I will re-sign up :D!


i presume this thing is dead?