SFxT 2 on 2 Pairs as a side event or main tourney?

I know a lot of players (myself included) are interested in the pairs mode. And at WNF last week it was pretty amped (often more than 1v1).

What format will SFxT be at Evo2k12?

Also I wanna be the Floe! GET HYPED!

most likely an unstreamed side tourney

hopefully we see this as the MAIN event…

Well they stream AE and Marvel teams so I don’t see why they can’t do this. Instead of 3-person teams you have 2-person teams. ezpz

And I agree, 2v2 SFxT is the hypest I’ve been for a fighting game in a long while.

Why seperate them? In game its treated as the same. Just allow 2 player teams to enter. It’s that simple.

That isn’t too bad of an idea, I guess.

The biggest problem I can see with 2v1 is that 2 player team will have a huge advantage with Cross Assault. That and the potential problems when it comes to entry fees.

And on the other hand its a lot harder for the 2P team to coordinate tag combos than the single player.

It would be awesome for it to be the standard a lot of folks would enter together and it could bring together more people than before really,

I’m not sure how feasible it would be to run a 2v2 tourney since most ps3’s have only 2 usb ports from what I understand (Don’t own one, so I’m not sure).
But if the tournament ended up being 2v2 I think it would be a lot more interesting. I was watching the sfxtekken matches on the Big 2 last night, and it was dreadful (and I don’t think it’s a simple matter of players not knowing the game inside and out yet). Watching a 2v2 match though makes it more unique, interesting and exciting to watch (I think I was watching a Wednesday Night Fights 2v2 stream one night. The matches at the Comboratory were fun to watch too).
Even playing it, I enjoy it more when I play 2v2 with a friend. I just hope they really consider making it 2v2, assuming they’re capable of doing so. The organizers might be weary about the idea though, since they would have to depend on groups of 4 people (since it’s 2v2) showing up on time for their matches and what not. Still, I think it would be a whole lot more interesting 2v2.

But on the third hand, I think people who are playing as a tag team can tag cancel stuff that a solo person can’t.

See? There’s positives and negatives to both options! It just makes it even better!