SFxT 2013 hidden changes thread

Figured this deserved it’s own thread as we should find out these changes the quickest way possible. List anything that’s not on the system/characters change list.

You can view the list here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/2013-patch-notes-compilation/154664

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Patch notes compilation thread: 2013 patch notes compilation

Stealth nerf: Zangief’s PPP Lariat now does 100/120 damage, down from 150.

Paul has a lot of hidden buffs(Found by zUkUu, street11 and me):

Paul’s Phoenix Smasher has JP5, up from JP4.
Paul’s Super has JP6, up from JP4 (I think it used to have 4, at least it didn’t have 6).
Non-EX Shredders allows you to juggle a medium afterwards, or a heavy if done directly in a juggle.
Juggled EX Mortar Punch adds 1 juggle point instead of 3. Non-EX juggled Mortar Punch adds 2 instead of 3.
Just like with Bone Breaker, CH Hammer Punch will allow you to combo the entire Hang Over+Demolition Man string.

I couldn’t find this info anywhere online. And I’m assuming most people that actively play Sf X Tk have changed their default gems so the system won’t set to the new gem loadouts. The new default gems are:

Sample 1: 001, 019, 038 (Immense power / Attack)
Sample 2: 046, 050, 056 (Iron wall / Defense)
Sample 3: 205, 207, 214 (Onslaught / Cross gauge)
Sample 4: 024, 139, 245 (Pandora)
Sample 5: 001, 048, 205 (Balance)

Handy for tournaments.

IDK if this is hidden or if it was in the patch notes but Steve’s Foxhunt on CH tosses the opponent into the air for more combo potential.

That’s in the change log.

Lili’s Dive Kick no longer restands juggled opponents…:frowning:

Why Capcom? Why not tell me this?! At least give me a chance to prepare my mourning period.

Hwo’s second hit of Middle Kick Combo doesn’t reset on opponents that are ground bounced.


Also, Lili’s Dominating Heel ALSO does not restand. I’m not mourning that one much though…shit was hard to land with anyone not named Hwoarang.

Poison’s s.LP and cl.MP hit crouchers now.

I dunno if this counts as a hidden change, but I can’t for the life of me punish rolls. Even with rapid fire lights and ambiguous set ups. However I can easily throw people from rolls. I guess they thought the first change was far too powerful along with throws taking away recoverable life.

It’s been an official change. Rolls gain a hurtbox for 7 frames near the end but the opponent can block. Gains a throwbox (?) for 10 frames and they cannot tech.

They changed it so you can still block but you can’t tech throws or reversal. I suppose they thought making them outright punishable by everything might have been a little much.

Sigh I guess I misread I thought it was both of those changes. I guess it’s finally time for my fraud Rolento to retire. =(

Edit: Also chun li cl.mk no longer restands. Steve’s b+lk no longer restands. I think it’s safe to assume that all restands the use normals/unique normals are dead. At least Nina has her restand in tact (for obvious reasons).

A restand forces a crouching opponent to stand, right?

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Asuka’s unscaled launcher from lights is gone.

That isn’t a hidden change, that was confusion brought on by Chun’s annoying hurtbox.

Ahh, now I know. Thx. Last post edited. :slight_smile:

Damn I actually wish they would have forced this, would have been useful in the long run I could have just changed back anytime.