SFxT 2013: Should/will the dlc characters be free?

I haven’t been following the whole SFxT 13 story so i don’t know if they said anything about it but… do you guys think the dlc character should come along with 2013 patch ? Thats the least they could do

Wait, what?!?

They’re doing a free update to try to fix the game, the update is the “Least they could do” part.

Why not give away the whole game for free while we’re at it?


Not to mention the amounts of people you’d piss off who bought the DLC, or those who actually care about the game? No way, sugah.

Making a mental note to call people “sugah” when trying to be condescending. Because I’m a strong black woman who don’t need no man.

No, the least they could do is nothing.

They should be free

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Yes, those 12 characters, 7 of which are completely new (on top of a base of 43 characters, 27 of which are completely new) should be free.

Because, Ono fainting from overwork is not enough.

I want every single member of the SF dev team to collapse from overwork.

And, I don’t want them to be paid for any of it.

I am mad because of gems that I don’t have to buy.

I am mad because the vanilla version of a brand new fighting engine had some glitches in it. That NEVER happens.

I am mad because I suddenly have a problem with time overs in fighting games.

I am mad because I live in a gaming generation that doesn’t want to pay for anything.

I acknowledge the fact that video games cost more to develop and promote than EVER before, and yet retail prices have barely budged. I don’t care. I still want companies to give me free stuff and go out of business.

It’s the principle AMIRITE

Free? Hell no that’s 12 characters lol now I think it would be nice if it was half off during the week of the new update I always got the characters so I am good :slight_smile:

If 2013 was a new disc, then yeah DLC should be included. And it should have all the gems, costumes and colors included.

But ver 2013 is just an update. A huge ass update but not a new disc.

Then Gems should be free.

Not the characters.

Already got the characters free. :smiley:


It would be nice if they are free, but this is real life.


My Lei is pretty free, does that count?

Yeah right if they wouldn’t give us 2 chars (shuma+jill) with UMvC3 there’s no way in hell they would be generous enough to give us 12 characters.
God I hope this pay-for-vital-content-on-the-disc business model dies.

It was here before SFxT, and as much as I would love for it not to be the case, it will be here long after SFxT.

Fucking Welfare World. “Capcom owes me cuz I exist!” Fuck outta here.