SFxT 99sec!


I was wondering if any one else here in the forum has encountered an excessive amount of timer win/losses? I’m encountering this all to often compared to other games such as SF4 and UMvC3 and I was wondering if any one has noticed it much?


It’s because of the excessively fast healing rate, excessively long cinematics when you do launchers/supers/cross arts, long juggle combos, and the fact that you have two healing healthbars to take down instead of one non-healing bar, compared to SF4.


It would seem like Capcom would extend the time like UMvC3. Once you get around 15 seconds or so the time goes by drastically slower compared to SF4 and SFxT which fits the game perfectly. I think this could be a major issue with the game especially with high level tournament play. This isn’t SF4 and they have given the same amount of time to KO two characters along with everything else. It doesn’t make any sense to me.


they should just get rid of all the in-match cinematics

they waste a bunch of time and they’re only cool to watch once, if that


Did we really need animated throws, capcom?


Tekken has them. I like them in Tekken. SFxT has them. I like them in SFxT.

Timeouts are problem because people aren’t doing optimal combos yet. Do less launch chains and more actual link combos and that damage will start to fly off sooner than you think.


Throw animation is the stupidest shit ever. I already got more time overs than 3 years worth of sf4. I know I’m not doing optimized combos but still…


time outs are indeed a pain. This game seems very defensive in neutral state, but once you hit confirm you can take out half the health bar in a flash.


I like them in Tekken, i don’t like how they pulled them off here. The camera gets too close, and as a result most throws seem awkwardly hectic to me. The animations look better from a distance. Plus many SF throws are rather simplistic, like shoulder throws. No need to zoom in like that on a shoulder throw.
Air throws have all these problems multiplied by ten. Guiles backbreaker was always a badass move. Now in this game, the camera follows him to the ground while he does it, and that takes away all the feeling of force this move had before. It looks weak. It works a little better for his forward throw, though.


I don’t think an extra 50 damage or so per combo will solve the timeout situation. I actually think that as the game matures and players put more emphasis on footsies and less on doing unsafe things ike random jump ins or hitconfirm with cross rush chains (which are all universally unsafe on block, even 2-hit chains like light-medium or medium-heavy), the pace of the game will match that of SF4 and we may even start seeing a higher timeout rate.


I think Cross arts will be used more as the game progresses. Never really see them now and they do remove healable health.


You’re saying SF4 has a lot of time outs?


he’s saying that if SFxT slows to the pace of SF4 there will be a lot more time outs.


Oh I see, yeah that might happen when people learn how to AA properly in this game


Because of the things listed in my first post.

Also, I don’t think cross arts that remove 150-200 recoverable health but have 10-12 second-long cinematics would help either way.


the game is young, most people still aren’t doing even close to max damage combos consistently yet.


I’m seeing a large amount of rounds won/lost due to time out. Why exactly is this? Skill level? The ease of run away tactics in this game? The lack of logical movement speeds without activating gems? The ability to have a grappler as a backup character Something else entirely? Getting kind of annoying seeing so many rounds won by health remaining over and over and over.

It’s scary outside of GD :frowning:


I dont know, maybe 2 characters?..


In the past, I have rarely had matches go to decision, and never before in a cross-over game (to my recollection). In this game, however, I am seeing it considerably more. The healing when tagged out definitely seems a factor, as the pace feels closer to MvC3 when the opponent neglects this feature, and I am certain the long, time-sucking animations for so-so damage are a significant factor, but I also feel there is something else amiss.

Personally, I doubt it is the combo efficiency. I was never a combo beast, typically relying on short bursts of attacks before returning to spacing. Never before have I felt as though the clock was 10-15 seconds too short, as I do now.


lol I just won a game when my opponent did a cross art but the clock ran out during the long ass animation ( two tekken chars ) and I still won.

Long animations are indeed double edged swords