SFxT and SSFIV: Do these two games play the same, to some extent?

So to anyone who has SFxT or SSFIV, does SFxT play like SSFIV? Besides the tag in mechanics, does SFxT have some of the same of the same mechanics as SSFIV? Please respond as soon as you can! Thanks!

in SSF4 juggle mechanics are different, you cant roll from a knocked down state, and you cant ABC chain your way to victory unless your an ibuki player and last of all, focus attack

The basics of the two games are similar (footsies, jumping, AA, links etc) but due to system mechanics they end up playing wildly different. If you try to approach SFxT with an AE mindset you will get absolutely rocked by someone who actually plays SFxT. The reverse is also true.

AE is primarily focused around the wakeup game, even at neutral your primary goal is knock them down so you can setup your offensive gameplan. The new update may change this focus somewhat, hard to say atm.

SFxT is primarily about the neutral game itself as every successful poke can be converted to stupid amounts of damage thanks to the juggle and tag systems. This is why the game can be seen as being slow paced (and extremely tense imo): both players spend 50 seconds playing footsies until someone lands 1 hit into a reset and it’s all over.

Granted this is a generalization as there are characters in both games who can play in styles that these descriptions don’t match… but still, this is what you tend to see in either game the majority of the time.

Alright, I understand. Thanks for the responses guys!

I wish Sfxtekken would also have an 1v1 option, for online too, like MK9. Seems much more interesting than tag team mode