Sfxt arcade pro vs hori hrap v3/vx sa quality?

Does anyone own both of these sticks? What would you say uses better build material? Not talking about the parts but the case instead. Like what one has better solid plastic and better quality joints where the nuts and bolts screw into. The rough hard scratch resistant plastic or the shiny kind that scratch and mark up easily.

They’re both great sticks in parts and durability wise.

You decide for yourself.

Yeah I looked at that thread, was just looking for more detail than ‘solid’ and so on.

HRAP V series is made with thinner, flimsy plastic and has a poor quality USB cable, but IIRC has the better quality PCB. Rest of the parts are the same.

I really don’t like the Fightstick Pro at all and is easily MadCatz’s worst arcade stick so far… but it might just have the edge over the HRAP V. At the end of days it is down to your preference.

So the hrap v is worse quality plastic than the hrap 3? I have the madcatz te and hrap 3 and the hrap 3 build is better than the te.

Personally I would say the Pro Stick is not my favorite madcatz stick but it’s not the worst (Since we’re only talking about the Pro and Hori hrap)

For what it is, it’s actually very good. Just like every madcatz stick, they have a ton of screws than you really need… Other than that, I really like the angled arm rest it has.

It’s pretty light weight for a fightstick and very portable.

I’ve used the Hori v3 at MLG and my friend owns one; I’d say it is a bit flimsy on the plastic but still seems durable (I didn’t pay attention to the USB cable but I’d bet it probably is a poor quality cable.)

Thanks guys, I’m leaning towards the fightstick pro, usb cable won’t be a problem because I Neutrik everything I get heh.

The SFxT Pro actually uses thinner plastic than the HRAP V, hold both side by side and the Pro is lighter and feels less solid.

What one do you think has a harder plastic that’s likely to be more scratch resistant?

The construction of both use the same type of plastic, in terms of scratch resistance they’d be the same.

The older style HRAP’s (HRAP 1, 2, 3) were more durable than the HRAP V3.

I’m thinking that the Soul Calibur V-style/“Noir Style” joystick is also better than the HRAP V3/VX series AND the FightStick Pro.

People in general seem to be much happier with the following joystick lines –
Hori - Noir Style (Soul Calibur V/Gundam Extreme Vs/Tekken Tag Tournament 2)
Fighting Edge (all Hori-parts; Grade A quality according to most reports)
older-style HRAP’s (HRAP 1/2/3; SA or SE editions of these joysticks; “character” art licensed variants of said-joysticks)

Mad Catz - original Tournament Editions (“bevelled ends”) and their variants
TE-S (“square” case; basically a TE minus the bevelled ends)
TE-S+ (same as above, minimal changes)
FightStick V.S. – Mad Catz’s best joystick (probably) so far; their answer to the Fighting Edge

The majority of these joysticks use Sanwa parts with the exception of “vanilla” HRAP’s (non-SA/non-SE mass market runs and licensed character art variants) and the Hori Fighting Edge which uses all-Hori, re-engineered parts.

The PCB’s seem to be more reliable on the Hori lines in general. Build-quality on the latest Mad Catz and Hori joysticks seems to be about equal. The Mad Catz FightStick V.S. appears to be more durable than earlier model lines.

Now if we’re talking about the V.S. stick, that’s a whole different story.

How is the pc compatibility on both of them for the ps3 version? Iffy like the mad catz TE sticks that you need a special via usb, or good like a cthulhu?

Hori generally has always had good ps3-pc compatibility. I’ve never had an issue with the more recent MadCatz sticks on PC either.

I’ve had no issues with the MC Cthulu on my AMD PC… Seems to be the best-working PCB to use for joysticks with PC. Very stable and reliable. That PCB continues to amaze me as time goes by —! (Can’t say that about other electronics products, though.)

The other joystick brand PCBs are a different story.
Third party controller programs like Joy2Stick and XPadder are sort of iffy on support depending on the program. Also, if you’re using a USB adapter for a PS2 controller button assignments aren’t necessarily the same as they are for MC Cthulu/PS3 PCB board joysticks.

You also have to bear in mind that many programs have their own controller setups. You typically use a “pad configuration” for joysticks on SNES emulators for instance. That doesn’t mean the preferences you set up on that program carry over to others… Yeah, you have to set up controller preferences on different emulators and individual games! Also, when you use a joystick you have to be aware that many controller option set-ups have boxes that you can check for joystick support. If you don’t check the joystick option, oftimes movements with the digital stick will not be processed by your computer. Be aware, though, that not all the joystick options are for digital which is what concerns us on SRK… Some of the joystick options are for analog joysticks like the nubs on PS3 pads.

To be honest, I think I’ve had fewer issues with the USB adapter on Macs than the AMC PC… Depending on the Mac system and version of MAME, controller setups can be easy or a pain. The issues seems be worse on older, unsupported ports of MAME. The Mac issues do NOT seem to be hardware-related unlike the AMD/PC problems.

There’s no one-solution-fits-all fix for PC’s and Mac’s because everybody has different hardware/OS setups and the majority of us use machines that are two years or older… The PC situation is worse because the open-system architecture which complicates hardware/OS interface (“plug-and-play” on the PC is a joke!) and the two competing processor lines for the PC. No question Intel CPU’s are better-supported but many people still go with AMD CPU’s since they tend to be a bit faster and have potentially greater performance.

Your mileage will vary which is why PC/Mac support for controllers will always be “interesting”!


I had problems with my TE on my pc’s but of course with a cthulu it’s perfect, just was wondering if these two sticks or the mad catz at least supported more pc chipsets so I don’t have to go out and buy some pci to get it to work, or to mod it with a cthulu again.

The recent MadCatz PS3 motherboards (Brawlstick, TE-S builds) show improvements when it comes to PC compatibility, but still far from perfect. Every now and again I’m given a TE-S stick to mod and my PC won’t recognise the signals at all.

Maybe I’m better of getting a 360 version of the stick(Better pc compatibility right?) Then dual modding to work with pc, with a kitty or whatevers best.

If you get a 360 Fightstick Pro then you’ll find it much easier to install a Cerberus board.

But because I think the Fightstick Pro is rubbish I’d suggest getting a 360 Soul Edition instead and mod it with either a Cerberus or Kitty TE-S kit. Same with the V.S. stick, though if using a Kitty you will need the special V.S. harness kit.

Failing that you can dual mod almost any other 360 stick with either a ChImp SMD, MC Cthulhu, or cut down Cerberus board. This will require a lot of soldering.

Well I mostly use it for pc then ps3 as second, my friends have 360’s so I suppose I’ll use it for that sometimes, and I never use it for any other multiconsole stuff, so what would be the cheapest and easiest thing to mod a 360 stick with? cerberus or kitty?