SFxT ARcade Pro Vs MLG TE


I am pretty new to sticks, so I thought I would ask here first before I made a purchase.
Which would you guys reccomend getting? I am leaning towards to MLG TE, but I am wondering if i should bother with either of them.

Thanks for the help guys, good fighting


I like both of them , they both use sanwa parts and really the only difference is aesthetically so its going to come down to your personal preference. I’m probably going to get both regardless though, to i’m just a il more partial to the MLG TE as its not tied to any specific game.


thanks for the advice. Are there any coupon codes for the Canadian GameShark Store? the ones on the SRK main site don’t work


I don’t think the coupon codes work on new sticks???


MLG TE is a safe bet. It’s a TE. TEs are boss.

FightStick PRO is a new stick that we don’t know much about yet. Functionality-wise I’m sure it is fine. Just saying we don’t know everything about it yet. I played on several at Evo and they seemed solid.